Improve Your Company's Valuation-Best Practices

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Improve Cash Flow to make room for business expansion 1 Best Prac tices Financially Talent Customers Invest in Quality Management 50% of a company 's value is in intangible assets like employees 3 Introduce Recurring Revenue SaaS companies boast 2x revenue than non SaaS counterparts 2 Load your Board with Top Talent to make sound business decisions Keep Up with Customer Trends to create new business opportunities 4 Diversify Your Customer Base 90% of CEOs believe diversity is critical to a company 's performance 5 1. Kerr, Michael. " The Advantages of Cash Flow." Chron. 2. Cowan, David. "Measuring High Growth, Recurring Revenue Businesses." Bessemer Venture Partners. 3. Herbert, Shane. " The Case for HR Due Diligence." Mercuri Ur val. 4. "Mapping Your Future Growth: Five Game Changing Consumer Trends." BDC Study. October 2013. 5. "Diversity as an Engine of Innovation." Deloitte Review. 2011.

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