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Links SCADA Cloud Data Storage Data Center SaaS NETWORK DATA ENCRYTION Support for user provided custom curves and entropy In-field upgrade capabilities via FPGA encryption engine Support for external certificate authorities Compatible with external Quantum Key Distribution for enhanced key protection, and built-in support for optional Quantum random number generator Autonomous flexibility to support different key management alternatives - ECC, RSA, and BYOK. CUSTOM ENCRYPTION Wherever you are, whatever regional encryption standards you require; SafeNet High Speed Encryptors are agile by design and support custom encryption services and algorithms. Secure, tamper-proof, dedicated hardware End-to-end, authenticated network encryption Standard-based algorithms and support for custom curves and entropy Automatic 'zero-touch' encryption key management and metadata protection - encryption keys are generated and stored securely within the tamper-resistant hardware enclosure WHAT IS HIGHASSURANCE? Not all encryption solutions are the same. Today's high speed data networks require a robust encryption solution that provides certified high-assurance network security, maximum network and application performance, interoperates with existing network devices, and offers intelligent and simple upgrade capabilities - all without compromise. Uses standard-based algorithm sets, including AES 256, CFB, CTR, and GCM encryption modes CRYPTOAGILITY: SECURITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE SafeNet High Speed Encryptors by Gemalto are high-assurance devices that provide state-of-the-art cryptography - meeting the broadest range of government and defense encryption certification standards. Cryptographic protocols and algorithms evolve over time to counter new security threats – that's why SafeNet High Speed Encryptors are designed to be crypto-agile out of the box. They provide the extra assurance required so that your investment keeps pace with cryptographic advances. FEATURE CRYPTOAGILITY All SafeNet High Speed Encryptors by Gemalto are crypto-agile, allowing them to evolve with customizable encryption and FPGA based field upgrade capability and support for a wide range of elliptic and custom curves, and adapt with 100% SafeNet High Speed Encryptor family interoperability and network device compatibility. SafeNet High Speed Encryptors also support Quantum Key Distribution (Quantum Cryptography) and Quantum Random Number Generation, for long-term data security. DISCOVER MORE ABOUT SAFENET HIGH SPEED ENCRYPTORS READ ABOUT HIGHASSURANCE DATAINMOTION ENCRYPTION LEARN ABOUT THE CRYPTOAGILITY OF SAFENET HIGH SPEED ENCRYPTORS DISCOVER MORE ABOUT SAFENET HIGH SPEED ENCRYPTORS SafeNet Ethernet Encryptors by Gemalto are certified high-assurance encryptors for Layer 2 Carrier Ethernet, Metro, and Wide Area Networks. SafeNet Ethernet Encryptors support all Layer 2 network protocols and topologies. They are used by governments, defense forces, leading commercial and industrial organizations, and cloud and data center service providers in more than 35 countries. Contact NTT: +44 20 3217 1396 or Email: markus.viljeon@ntt.eu

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