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SafeNet KeySecure - Product Brief 1 PRODUCT BRIEF SafeNet KeySecure Over view Centrally manage your encr yption keys and ultimately own your data with SafeNet KeySecure, the industr y leading enterprise key management platform. Regardless of its location, be it stored in a database, file ser ver, application, traditional or vir tualized data center, or public cloud environment, your sensitive data is secure from compromise. Select from flexible options spanning FIPS 140-2 Level 3 or 1 validated hardware appliances. Suppor ting a broad encr yption ecosystem— encompassing both Gemalto and a diverse range of third-par ty products — SafeNet KeySecure suppor ts a hardware root of trust using SafeNet Luna Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Highlighted Capabilities > Heterogeneous Key Management. Manage keys for a variety of encr yption products including tokenization, and applications through SafeNet Data Protection Connectors, as well as self- encr ypting drives, tape archives, Storage Area Networks, and a growing list of vendors suppor ting the OA SIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) standard. > Multiple Key Types. Centrally manage Symmetric and Asymmetric Keys, secret data, and X.509 cer tificates along with associated policies. > Full Lifecycle Key Suppor t and Automated Operations. Simplif y the management of encr yption keys across the entire lifecycle including secure key generation, storage and backup, key distribution, deactivation and deletion. Automated, policy driven operations simplif y key expir y and rotation tasks. > Centralized Administration of Granular Access, Authorization Controls and Separation of Duties. Unif y key management operations across multiple encr yption deployments and products, while ensuring administrators are restricted roles defined for their scope of responsibilities, from a centralized management console. Also, SafeNet KeySecure can utilize existing LDAP or AD directories to map administrative and key access for application and end users. > High-Availability and Intelligent Key Sharing. Deploy in flexible, high-availability configurations within an operations center and across geographically dispersed centers or ser vice provider environments using an active-active mode of clustering. > Auditing and Logging. Detailed logging and audit tracking of all key state changes, administrator access and policy changes. Audit trails are securely stored and signed for non-repudiation and can be consumed by leading 3rd par ty SIEM tools. > Next-Generation Storage and Archive Solution. Simplif y secure storage and efficiently scale data centers while reducing costs and complexity, with SafeNet KeySecure and leading storage vendors such as Net App, Dell, Nutanix, IBM, Hitachi, and HPE. SafeNet KeySecure Benefits > Single, centralized platform for managing cr yptographic content (keys and related data) and applications > Use Case Expansion: Transform your key management appliance into a ser ver that includes suppor t for the SafeNet Data Protection Connectors, SafeNet Protect App, SafeNet ProtectFile, SafeNet ProtectDB, and SafeNet Tokenization through the SafeNet Cr ypto Pack licensing option > Lower Administration Costs. Lower the cost of key management and encr yption with centralized administration and automated operations > Simplif y Compliance. Efficiently audit key management practices, save staff time, and simplif y attainment of compliance mandates with efficient, centralized auditing of key management practices such as FIPS 140-2, PCI- DSS, HIPA A, GDPR > Lower Total Cost of Ownership. Leverage a continuously growing list of 3rd par ty technologies leveraging Gemalto's Encr yption Connector family of products and the OA SIS KMIP standard > Risk Mitigation with Maximum Key Security. Tamper- proof hardware options suppor ting a hardware root of trust with SafeNet Luna HSM > Turn Key Encr yption. In addition to its key management capabilities, the SafeNet KeySecure appliance offers customers the ability to per form high speed encr yption/ decr yption operations as par t of its capabilities. This allows customers to centralize encr yption and cr ypto management operations regardless of its location SafeNet KeySecure SafeNet KeySecure offers customers a complete key management and data encr yption platform providing the following advantages: > Single, centralized platform for managing cr yptographic content (keys and related data) and applications capable of running on–premises, in the cloud or hybrid environments > SafeNet Cr ypto Pack – a simple licensing option that transforms your key management appliance into a ser ver that includes suppor t for the SafeNet Data Protection Connectors

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