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1 7pt Centred Running Footer Text Here – Title determines Length Save days of time Your allocations can be fully automated. Dynamic Allocations automatically gathers the source data, performs basis calculations and splits, and applies the results against the target accounts. Using allocation groups and recurring allocations along with automated true- ups, your allocations run continuously, picking up late transactions and applying corrections. You eliminate the need for outside spreadsheets, do away with manual adjustments, and save days of time. Increase consistency and accuracy Using the same allocation definition and sequencing means that your allocations are done consistently every time. You can separate controllable and non-controllable expenses or revenue for further downstream processing. Simultaneous true-ups provide accurate year-to-date performance. And allocation logs allow you to track success or failure and make the necessary corrections. The result is more consistency and higher accuracy. Understand allocation impact Easily get before and a er views of your allocations or compare different allocation drivers with Sage Intacct's innovative allocation books. You don't need the complex setups or reversals required by other solutions to understand the impact of allocations on your financial reporting. To understand the true performance of your business, you need to allocate indirect costs and revenue contribution across products, projects, departments, or other dimensions. Allocations of this nature are o en done in complex spreadsheets and can be time-consuming, error prone, and difficult to understand. Sage Intacct's Dynamic Allocations fully automate allocations. You eliminate the need for spreadsheets, save days of time, increase accuracy, gain easy understanding of impacts to financials, and streamline audits. D a t a s h e e t Understand the True Performance of Your Business Allocate revenue and expenditures based on complex business drivers Sage Intacct - Copyright 2019

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