How to Improve your Organic Growth

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How to Improve Your Organic Growth One of the greatest challenges small to mid-sized businesses face is how to increase organic growth (OG). At Volaris Group, we help businesses achieve strong organic growth through multiple drivers: Organic Growth Success Wellington IT Wellington's founders wanted their company to continue to prosper after their retirement. Volaris Group's benchmarking support and expertise within the financial services space, have helped Wellington realize unprecedented organic growth post-acquisition. Read the Case Study Incognito Software Incognito's founder wanted to see his company grow while continuing to lead the business and nurture employees. Post-acquisition, Incognito's founder and his staff have enjoyed job security and career growth opportunities, and their organic revenue has doubled. Read the Case Study B E S T PR ACT I C E S F R O M H U N D R E D S O F B U S I N E S S E S Lead autonomously while learning from the best ACC ESS TO OUR G LO B A L N E T W O R K OF L E A D E RS Knowledge-share and gain insights from other business leaders S A L E S & M A R K E T I N G T E A M D E V E LO PM E N T Proven strategies are shared across the network B E N C H M A R K I N G & C O R E M ETR I CS Measure efficiency and performance and take action to improve your business TA L E N T D E V E LO P M E N T & PR O M O T I N G F R O M W I T H I N Leadership and staff come together to develop best practices, learn, and grow years before/after acquisition O R G A N I C G RO W T H I M PR OV E M E NT OV E R T I M E -2 -1 0 1 2 average OG post-acquisition trendline average OG pre-acquisition average OG

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