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That's substantial! This is not uncommon for measurements to be off this much with many players. This can be the difference from slicing to hitting draws. Expert professional Club Fitting and Instruction are hallmarks of our operation here at Balmoral Woods. We emphasize properly fit equipment in all of our instruction programs. It is one of the "Facets of Success" in our programs. To this end the staff at Balmoral Woods was awarded "2011 PING Regional Club Fitter of the Year" for our commitment and dedication to the process by the industry leader in Club Fitting. GET FIT! Pro-Fitted Clubs Are A Game Changer by Bill Abrams, PGA Professional, Balmoral Woods U nfortunately, I see far too many players with equipment that doesn't fit their game and/or swing characteristics. There are too many impulse purchases by players looking for the newest, hottest, longest, despite the fact that the club or ball doesn't meet their needs or requirements. Getting fit is a very cost effective way to be sure you are playing proper equipment. I'd like to give you an example of the importance of a proper fit. For every degree of lie angle (the angle of club shaft from club head) change in irons, the flight will alter 10.5' on a center hit shot with a 5 iron. This means if you are playing with irons that are 4' off in lie angle measurement, a center hit with your 5 iron will be 42' off line. We emphasize properly fit equipment in all of our instruction programs. State of the art technology is used with Foresight Game Changer launch monitor fittings in addition to utilizing premium golf balls during the fitting process. This is the same technology and technique that is used on the Tours worldwide. Dynamic full bag fittings are available from driver through wedges and putter, plus golf ball fitting. Our award winning PGA professional staff guarantee accurate fits through this technology plus over 60 years combined experience. Our emphasis on dynamic outdoor fitting utilizing ball flight makes us the perfect choice to insure your clubs are properly built to your needs. No nets or guess work!

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