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Immediate goals include: 1) Continue to build our team – advisors, coaches and volunteers so that our programs can reach and impact more young people. The Phase IV Goals of The First Tee home office are to reach an additional 10 million young people by 2017. It's going to take a far larger team than what we have today to truly service The First Tee of Greater Chicago's service area: Wisconsin border south to I-80; Indiana border west to I-355. 2) Be a Promise Place – Provide our youth participants the fundamental resources they need to succeed in school and in life – a safe place, caring adults, a healthy start, effective education and opportunities to help others. Our entire framework is built on delivering the "Five Promises" and will continue to drill down and review how we help youth in each of these areas." GNC: "I'm very impressed with the quality of individuals who are part of The First Tee Program. Tell us why a family should get their kids involved in programs like The First Tee. What are the benefits and what would the kids gain as a result of going through the program?" RD: "As the saying goes, 'golf is more than a game' and The First Tee program is more than just a place to learn golf. It's so much more. Golf is the vehicle and through the game our instructors and coaches teach our participants a curriculum based on nine core values and nine healthy habits. They are life lessons that are inherent in the game and taught in a seamless manner. We encourage parents to ask their children about The First Tee after each lesson. Our participants will share the core values discussed that day and lessons learned on the golf course that can also be used in everyday life at home and at school. Also, parents will be interested to know that as kids stick with the program and certify through The First Tee Life Skills Experience (PLAYer, Par, Birdie, Eagle, Ace) they become eligible for a variety of local and national opportunities that include educational and leadership academies, scholarship programs, golf and special event experiences. 72 GOLF NOW! Chicago Over the years participants in our program have met President George W. Bush, have spoken in front of members of Congress in the Capitol Building, have traveled across the country for national academies, have played at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, have been on course reporters at the BMW Championship, have made contacts for summer internships, and one participant earned a full ride scholarship to the University of Illinois. These are just a few of the special experiences that immediately come to mind." GNC: "What age can kids start and how long are the programs? Tell us about the Core Values that kids are taught and how that translates over to the Core Values for living your life in general?" RD: "The First Tee program is for young people ages 7-18. The Greater Chicago chapter offers Spring, Summer and Fall Sessions that are typically 4-6 weeks long. The First Tee Nine Core Values represent some of the many inherently positive values connected with the game of golf: Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Respect, Confidence, Responsibility, Perseverance, Courtesy, and Judgment. The First Tee's programs are designed around helping young people understand and ultimately develop these values. The First Tee's curriculum was developed by experts in the fields of youth development, sport and golf instruction. Golf and life skill lessons are seamlessly incorporated into each experience. The First Tee participants will learn skills that can be used both on and off the golf course." GNC: "How does one go about getting their kids enrolled in a First Tee Program, and what are the costs involved?" RD: "The first thing to do is to find your local chapter of The First Tee. There are five chapters of The First Tee in Illinois that include: Aurora & Fox River Valley, Decatur, Greater Chicago, Greater Rockford, Joliet and Western Illinois University. Visit the locations page at www. to find your closest chapter of The First Tee. At The First Tee of Greater Chicago, our typical session fee is $65. We have full and partial scholarships available."

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