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© 2018 Sage Intacct, Inc. All rights reserved. 877-437-7765 Company Overview Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Riverside, Calif., Sandals Church aracts 11,000 aendees to weekly services at nine campus locations in Southern California, and an additional 4,000 aendees for online broadcasts. With a goal "to be real with ourselves, God and others," Sandals Church is pursuing a vision of opening 500 campuses worldwide. For more information, visit www. Executive Summary Previous Soware: • Logos Accounting Results with Sage Intacct: • New insights help power rapid growth in donations and membership • Monthly close accelerated 450%, from 45 to 10 days • Accounting productivity up 20%, nance eciency up 45% • Real-time nancial management across multiple campuses and ministries Challenges Fast-Growing Church Modernizes with Cloud Financial Management Sandals Church has come a long way since its founder, Pastor Ma Brown, and his wife Tammy hosted an inaugural meeting of eight people in their living room in 1997. Today, Sandals Church has nine campuses across southern California that aract 11,000 parishioners weekly. Another 4,000 people around the world tune in for online services. Based in Riverside, California, the Southern Baptist church is pursuing a vision of opening 500 campuses worldwide. Managing continued expansion and rising revenue, 90% of which comes from parishioner tithing, meant the church needed to upgrade to a modern and sophisticated nancial management platform. Previously, Sandals Church used an accounting application from Logos, a church management soware vendor. As Director of Finance Amber Cheong explains it, a linear chart of accounts model in Logos meant that Sandals Church had an unwieldy 30 charts of account — and that was when the church had just three campuses. That burdened the accounting team with manual work, heavy use of spreadsheets, and dragged out the monthly close to 45 days. Plus, limited visibility into nancials could make it challenging for church leaders to track spending and make budgetary decisions. "Logos could give us a standard nancial statement to present to the board, but it was inexible and didn't deliver the insights we wanted," Cheong said. Sandals Church found the ideal solution with Sage Intacct. In three years on the Sage Intacct cloud platform, the church has seen annual growth of 25% in donations, and 30% in aendance. It's opened six new campuses, with four more in the pipeline for 2019 under a $20 million budget, up from $18 million in 2018. New insights and scalability through Sage Intacct are helping Sandals Church manage its nances with much great speed and transparency as it continues its rapid growth. Solutions New Financial Insights Help Power Rapid Growth A exible chart of accounts and dimensional reporting in Sage Intacct were key considerations for Sandals Church in its comparison against Microso Dynamics GP, SAP, and Shelby Systems, a church management soware vendor. "We liked the fact that the Sage Intacct chart of accounts is customizable, and the exibility of creating dimensions whenever and wherever we need to," Cheong said. "Church accounting is complex, so it's very useful for us to lter how each ministry is doing per location for each event, or any way we'd like to. We need exibility, and Sage Intacct provides that." Fast-Growing Church Modernizes with Cloud Financial Management Sandals Church C A S E S T U D Y

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