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What other surveys are based on CG CAHPS? The following patient experience surveys are based on the core CG CAHPS Survey. These surveys include all CG CAHPS core questions plus additional items specific to the care setting or organization: • CAHPS for ACOs (Accountable Care Organization) • CAHPS PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home) • CAHPS for MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System) As the CG CAHPS instrument is becoming the national standard for assessing patient experience, AHRQ continues to work with CMS and NCQA to align existing and new versions of CG CAHPS. Can custom questions be added to the CG CAHPS Survey? Yes, custom questions may be added to the survey. As noted above, you can customize the survey by incorporating questions from the CG CAHPS Supplemental Item Sets developed by AHRQ (See Appendix A) or add your own custom questions. It is important to note that preserving the core CG CAHPS items is critical to ensuring consistency in the collection of standardized data for purposes of comparative reporting. SPH Analytics recommends you consider the following when planning for additional questions: • To reduce the impact of survey length on response rates, we recommend limiting the number of custom questions. • Custom question format should be reflective of the core questionnaire. • Custom questions are preferred at the end of the core set of CG CAHPS Survey questions to lessen any bias or impact on core question. Additional fees will apply subject to the number, type and placement of the additional questions. What survey modes are available? AHRQ promotes the following survey modes: • Mail methodology (1st survey with cover letter, post card reminder, 2nd survey with cover letter) • Telephone methodology (6 attempts) • Mixed methodology (mail and phone, e-mail and mail, or e-mail and phone) • For mail/phone methodology, phone follow-up should occur 3 weeks after the second survey is mailed • E-mail methodology includes an initial e-mail with a link, 2 reminder e-mails, and then follow with the full mail or phone protocol for non-respondents • Email administration mixed mode • Email notification with link to web-based survey • Two e-mail reminders • Must be followed by mail or telephone mode • SPH Analytics is able to administer any of the above modes of survey administration. What are the sampling specifications for the CG CAHPS Survey? In determining the sample sizes needed, clients will want to consider the number of providers and whether reporting is needed at the physician/provider level, the site, or the group level. In an effort to ensure data reliability, AHRQ recommends sampling to support the following number of completed surveys. • Individual provider: 50 completed surveys • Group Level: 300 completed surveys • Site-specific sampling recommendations are based on the number of providers at the site: Number of Providers Targeted Survey Completes 1 50 2 100 3 150 4 to 9 175 10 to 13 200 14 to 19 250 20 or more 300

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