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RESEARCH UPDATE Most of the effective breast cancer therapies developed over the past decade were studied and tested by MSK researchers. Recent breakthroughs include the discovery of genetic mutations that cause some breast cancers to evolve and develop resistance to hormone therapy. The transformative findings, led by physician-scientist Sarat Chandarlapaty, MD, PhD, are a significant step to finding better treatments. His team examined tumor samples collected with patient consent after the cancer had metastasized, or spread. These patients had run out of existing treatment options, and genetic sequencing was a new approach to breast cancer research. Based on this important study, clinical trials are testing a wave of new drugs for advanced breast cancer. Dr. Chandarlapaty is confident that new treatments will enter the market as a result, helping women worldwide. Your support helps investigators continue promising research like this well into the future. Her daughter, Juliane, is expressive, with a talent for poetry and art. Claire also bought a house in the city of her dreams: Charleston, South Carolina. "It's such a wonderful, vibrant place," she exclaims. She plans to move there permanently once the kids are out of the house. Claire has new plans for her company, too. Beatrix New York, which produces adorable backpacks for children, will soon have an exciting back-to-school relaunch. Journey Leads to New Outlook on Life In the years since her treatment, Claire sees the world differently. "In my life after cancer, I cherish every small, beautiful moment," she explains, "and I want to make sure others have the chance to enjoy those moments, too." That's why Claire donates to Memorial Sloan Kettering each year—and has included MSK in her estate plans. She is radiant as she discusses the hospital's latest research. "I know my gift will lead to more lifesaving treatments for people just like me all over the country. And I want to help," she says. For Claire, a bequest to MSK is a way to guarantee that people with cancer will receive the help they need for years to come. She knows firsthand how important that can be. After everything she's been through, Claire is certain: "I want saving lives to be a part of my legacy." Advance MSK Breakthroughs With a Gift When you include MSK in your will or other estate plans, you help our experts make significant progress in the treatment and prevention of cancer. Contact our Planned Giving office at 800-688-1827 for details or to notify us of your gift. PAGE 2 Claire's Legacy Continued from Page 1 Sarat Chandarlapaty, MD, PhD, Medical Oncologist Reflecting on the Future | Spring 2019

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