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Have a Question? We Can Help. Our knowledgeable planned giving team is ready to answer any questions you may have about the many ways you can make a meaningful gift to MSK. Front row: Diana Dilg, Amanda McKim, Andrea Ryan, Pamela Colker; Back row: Allison Jewell, Sarah Wozniak Martin, Melanie Sovern, Stacy Angarola Ms. Andrea Ryan Office of Planned Giving Toll free: 800-688-1827 | Reflecting on the Future | Fall 2017 Donor-advised funds have grown in popularity in recent years and for good reason. They are one of the easiest and most tax-advantaged ways to give to your favorite charitable organizations. A donor-advised fund is a type of account held by a sponsoring nonprofit organization. These organizations may be based in New York City or elsewhere, and also include the charitable arms of investment firms that distribute funds to charities, including MSK. With a written agreement between you and the organization, you (or other family members) can recommend that distributions be made from your fund to MSK. You cannot direct distributions. You have the right only to make recommendations. The fund administrator has an obligation to deny grants that do not meet criteria established by law. * Reflecting on the Future | Spring 2019 Simplify Your Giving * Recommendations that do not meet legal criteria include those that are not charitable in nature; provide a direct benefit to the donor, donor advisor, or a related party; or are directed to an individual. Grants also cannot be used to redeem a personal pledge. Contribute Give to your donor- advised fund Benefit Qualify for a tax deduction Grow Watch your contributions grow tax-free Grant Advise which charities receive your support To learn more about this unique way to support research and care at MSK, please contact our Planned Giving staff at 800-688-1827. HOW DONOR-ADVISED FUNDS WORK PAGE 4

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