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SCORE 2019 Off-Road Tire Guide The Latest Rubber For Off-Road Adventures By Mike Vieria Tire companies have made great strides in creating treads and compounds that can grip everything from sand, dirt, rocks and even pavement. We’ve gathered some of the latest off-road tires that range from the most hardcore Baja race designs, to moderate all-terrain tires. Depending on your vehicle and the type of driving you do, some of these tires can blur the line between their capabilities on the highway, and at speed on the Baja desert. BF GOODRICH Tires Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 The BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 is the next generation off-road tire with improved traction and strength for conquering extreme conditions. It has an advanced deflection design to help guard the upper shoulder area against snags and splits, race-proven CoreGard Max Technology and Traction-Armor Sidewall Sculpture to prevent sidewall splitting and puncturing, and Krawl-Tek compound to enhance grip on rock and other slick surfaces. The Terrain-Attack tread design uses massive tread blocks for maximum grip from any angle in mud and loose soil and Mud-Phobic Bars release compacted mud to maintain traction. A Linear Flex Zone allows the tire to flex and envelop objects in aired-down driving situations. BF GOODRICH Tires All-Terrain T/A KO2 The All-Terrain T/A KO2 uses race-proven technology to deliver exceptional toughness, tread life, and traction in the toughest conditions. The KO2 uses CoreGard Technology developed in BFG’s Baja T/A KR2 race tires to improve strength and resist bruising. Tread rubber is optimally blended to reduce chips and tears on gravel, while a new footprint shape and interlocking tread blocks provide more uniform wear. Stone ejectors reduce drilling to the tire by pushing objects out of the tread and raised bars in the shoulder help release compacted mud for better traction. Available in various sizes for 15” to 20” wheels. TOYO TIRES Open Country M/T R The Open Country M/T-R is designed to deliver maximum traction and durability for off-road racing. It has won both the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 races, along with multiple SCORE-International Off-Road Championships. Hook-shaped center tread blocks deliver optimum traction in sand and rocks, and the tread wraps onto the sidewalls to provide grip in deep sand, and to resist cuts. Sizes 37x13.50R17LT 117N and 39x13.50R17LT 121N. These tires are for racing purposes only, and not legal for street use. Available exclusively through Robby Gordon Off-Road, Open Country A/T II Toyo’s Open Country A/T II is a versatile all-terrain tire that offers excellent traction, long tread life, and a quiet ride. Stabilizing tie bars between the polygonal tread blocks improve dry braking and reduce irregular wear. Deep tread grooves with stone ejectors enhance mud and snow traction while forcing stones from the tread. “Xtreme” sizes feature a deeper tread depth and more aggressive tread and shoulder design than smaller sizes. Available in nearly 100 sizes to 15” to 22” wheels. TOYO TIRES Open Country R/T The Open Country R/T is designed for strong off-road performance while still providing comfortable on road manners. It features high turn-up 3-ply polyester construction, an optimized tread pattern and shoulder design to improve traction and reduce noise, and a sidewall compound that enhances traction and impact protection. Mud and stone ejectors keep the grooves clear and ready to provide optimum grip in all conditions. Available in various sizes to fit 15” through 22” wheels. Open Countrhy M/T The Open Country M/T has become legendary for its durability, off-road performance, and long tread life. Designed for maximum traction on mud, snow, and rocks, the M/T features high turn-up 3-ply polyester construction, hook-shaped tread blocks, and open, scalloped, over the shoulder tread blocks that improve traction and handling on loose surfaces and in hard cornering. Open channels eject mud and snow to maintain peak performance in all conditions, while deep sipes optimize we grip. Available in more than 50 sizes for 15” through 24” wheels. TRI-ACE Pioneer MT The TRI-ACE Pioneer MT for on and off pavement features a 3-ply Casing, high-performance Dual Nylon Caps, twin High Strength Steel Belts, and a seamless high-strength steel bead wire for stability, durability, and impact resistance. The “transformer” tread and wrap-around shoulder are designed to enhance grip and strength in tough conditions, as well as to reduce stone retention. An advanced sipe design reduces noise and heat while improving wet grip and service life. The Pioneer MT is currently available in various sizes for 17” to 26” wheels. Mark Ma Dakar Rally The Mark Ma “Signature Series” Dakar Rally Tire features off road race-proven construction with 3-ply polyester casing, 2 steel belts, and 2 plies of Polyamide for performance under extreme conditions. It uses a dedicated rally competition compound to reduce heat and maintain its shape in hard cornering and high speed driving. The tread is designed with interlocking, high-void boomerang blocks and stone ejector ribs for predictable, accurate handling response. The Mark Ma Dakar Rally Tire is currently available in various sizes for 15” and 17” wheels. YOKOHAMA Geolandar M/T Yokohama Tire’s GEOLANDAR M/T G003™ mud-terrain tire is designed for hardcore off-roaders, outdoor enthusiasts, and pick-up truck/SUV owners. The M/T G003 features include aggressive sidewall styling, GEO-SHIELD™ technology with multiple sidewall plies, steel belts, a full nylon cap, and a high turn-up carcass, and a special triple-polymer compound. All this allows it to provide excellent strength, performance and traction in everyday driving as well as when attacking steep, jagged rocks, muddy trails and desert sand. The high-density compound and wider, flatter profile give exceptional wear performance, while still maintaining off-road capabilities and a quiet ride. The Geolandar M/T is currently available in 37 sizes for 15” to 20” wheel diameters. YOKOHAMA Geolandar A/T The Geolandar A/T G015 is an all-terrain tire engineered for durability and improved traction for SUVs and full-size pickup on any surface, in any weather. It uses Yokohama’s unique Enduro tread compound to resist wear and improve chip and cut resistance. 3D sipes change shape as the tire wears to maintain traction throughout tread life, and Edgetec grooves create more void area to expel dirt and mud and provide more biting edges in severe snow conditions. The Geolandar A/T is available in 91 sizes for 15” to 22” wheels. Geolandar X MT The Geolandar X-MT is an extreme off-road tire that also offers outstanding treadwear and on-road handling. Tread blocks are optimized for traction and self-cleaning capabilities. Deep tread on the shoulders and sidewalls provides protection and additional traction assist in rugged terrain. The X-MT uses Yokohama’s new GEO-SHIELD construction featuring a full nylon cover, three-ply construction, and extra-thick sidewall protection to deliver off-road strength as well as a quieter, more comfortable on road ride. Available is 10 sizes for 17” to 20” wheels. Y829 Super Digger The Yokohama Y829 Super Digger III tires are designed for Limited Class Buggies, Baja Bugs, and UTVs. The race-proven bias-ply Super Digger has a variable pitch design for performance and traction in sand and mud, and uses a special tread compound for longer life. A rounded profile provides superior flotation in deep sand and heavy silt, and reduces cutting and impact breaks in cornering. This is a race-only tire and not for street use. Wayne and Kristen Matlock use the Y829 Super Digger III in SCORE races in the Pro UTV classes. FALKEN TIRE Wildpeak M/T (Wildpeak MT 3 Quarter copy) Falken’s Wildpeak M/T uses proprietary Duraspec Sidewall Technology to handle the most punishing off-road conditions with two high ply turn-ups for extra protection and durability. An optimized tread pattern designed to shed mud from the grooves and prevent rocks from puncturing the base of the tread also provides quiet performance and exceptional road manners. It also uses Heat Diffuser Technology and a tread and shoulder block design to enhance stability and protect against rock damage. Available in 26 sizes for 15” to 20” wheels. FALKEN TIRE Wildpeak A/T3W The Falken Tire Wildpeak A/T3W combines aggressive off-road and rugged terrain capabilities with excellent on-road behavior. An optimized tread design that’s the deepest in its category, and silica tread compound allow the A/T3W to excel in the 3 areas of Wear, Winter, and Wet Performance. It’s designed for severe snow conditions and has a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake Qualification. The A/T3W uses patented full-depth 3D Canyon Sipes and a proprietary lower sidewall to deliver consistent performance through the life of the tire. Heat Diffuser Technology in the lower sidewall helps keep the tire cooler under heavy load conditions and tread blocks are designed to enhance handling and stability while also preventing stones from being trapped in the grooves. Proprietary Outer Apex Sidewall and offset shoulder blocks protect the tire from sharp rocks and provide additional traction at low tire pressures. Available in 66 sizes to fit most popular light trucks. MICKEY THOMPSON TIRES Baja Boss Mickey Thompson Baja Boss is an ultra-premium Extreme Mud Terrain radial tire featuring an asymmetric tread pattern that reduces noise and improves handling and on-center feel. It uses a silica-reinforced compound, PowerPly XD 3-ply sidewall construction, and new, larger four-pitch Sidebiters for improved off-road traction. Angled shoulder scallops provide self-cleaning abilities and stone ejectors prevent gravel from being wedged in tread grooves. Available in a variety of sizes for 17” to 24” wheels. MICKEY THOMPSON TIRES Baja MTZ P3 The Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3 is a premium mud terrain tire designed to deliver performance and traction both on and off the road. A silica-reinforced tread compound enhances longevity, wet performance, and chip and cut resistance. PowerPly 3-ply sidewall construction offers extra protection and responsive handling. A self-cleaning, high-void tread pattern and angled shoulder scallops help provide additional traction in tough conditions, and variable draft angles and stone ejectors reduce stone retention. Available in a wide variety of sizes for 15” to 20” wheels. Baja Pro Mickey Thompson Baja Pro off-road tires are specially designed for desert and short course racing. They use tough bias belted construction for superior strength and impact resistance, as well as an anti-cut compound. Available in 15-inch sizes. These tires are only for racing and not for street use. Mini Mag The Mickey Thompson Mini Mag extreme desert racing tire is specially designed for desert and short course racing, and are of tough bias belted construction for superior strength and impact resistance. They use an anti-cut compound and are available in 15-inch size. These time-tested are for racing use only and not for street use. NEXEN TIRE Rodian MXT The Nexen Roadian MTX is a versatile on and off-road tire meant for daily driving, rock crawling, desert racing, and everything in between. The MTX features a dual sidewall design that allows you to customize the look of your vehicle and uses 3-ply sidewall construction for stability and durability. It comes with an F-Load Weight Rating for higher carrying and towing capabilities. Patented, optimized tread block positions improve traction in tough conditions while reducing tire noise on the pavement. The Roadian MTX is available in 35 sizes for 15” to 22” wheels. NEXEN TIRE Rodian AT Pro The Roadian AT Pro RA8 uses a zig-zag sipe design and an open outside shoulder to improve off-road performance with optimal mud extraction and heat reduction. A sipe-in-groove feature additionally helps to eject pebbles provides further traction in mud. The multi-sequence tread design optimizes noise, wear, and drainage performance. Available in 56 sizes for 15” to 22” wheels. Rodian MT Nexen’s Roadian MT is specifically engineered with deep grooves to combat the demands of mud and rougher terrain. Specially designed zig-zag shoulders and super rigid tread blocks maximize durability, while wide grooves offer excellent drainage and resistance to hydroplaning. Available in four sizes for 15” and 16” wheels. RADAR TIRES Renegade R5 The Renegade R5 is a full-size truck tire designed for the off-road enthusiast. The race-proven R5 features deep tread blocks and a specially designed high-void, “hooked” tread pattern for improved grip in sand, mud, and on rocks. It uses a robust carcass and scalloped, open shoulders to ensure high resistance to damage in off-road conditions. The tread blocks are self-cleaning to maintain traction in tough conditions. The Renegade R5 MT is available in various sizes to fit 15” through 17” wheels. Renegade AT-5 The Renegade AT-5 is the top all-terrain tire from Radar Tires. It features unique stone-ejector technology that prevents stone from drilling and lodging in the tread. Designed as an ideal choice for off-road use while providing good characteristics in on-road driving, the all-season AT-5 features wide center tread blocks for better weight distribution and even wear. Multiple lateral grooves and angled sipes provide enhanced traction on all surfaces. The AT-5’s 3-ply construction reduces the risk of punctures in tough conditions and helps provide sure-footed handling responses. Available in a variety of sizes to fit 15” through 22” wheels, including some sizes with a F-Load rating. RADAR TIRES Renegade R/T+ The Renegade R/T+ is an all-new Rugged Terrain tire designed to give exceptional off-road performance coupled with on-road comfort and sophistication. Engineered for the off-road capabilities of a pure MT tire while still delivering superior handling and a quiet, smooth ride on the pavement, the Renegade RT+ gives drivers a choice of looks with reversible dual sidewall designs. It features an open shoulder design with wide, interlocking center tread blocks for better traction and even wear characteristics. Stone ejectors keep the tread clear and highly reinforced 3-ply sidewalls enable heavier loads providing an F-Load rating in some sizes. Available in sizes for 15” through 24” wheels. System 3 Off-Road XCR350 The System 3 XCR350 X-Country is designed by off-road enthusiasts for UTVs to dominate technical terrain. The XCR350 is an 8-ply-rated radial and features a staggered shoulder tread for good traction on a variety of surfaces. The lightweight tire uses a medium compound so its tread blocks stay flexible for precise handling and maximum bite. Available in a range of sizes from 28” to 36”, with all but 36” DOT marked. ATTURO TIRE Trail Blade Boss The Atturo Trail Blade Boss is engineered for hardcore off-road use with an aggressive alternating knife blade and handle tread block design compounded to meet the demands of serious off-road driving while maintaining good everyday on-road behavior. The Trail Blade Boss’ tread has a high void ratio for superior grip on varied terrain, with large lugs for traction in mud and rocks, and smaller center tread blocks for stability and resistance to rock abrasion. Deep channels eject debris from the tread center to maintain maximum performance in tough terrain. The unique tread block design is carried over to the sidewall lugs to provide additional traction in deep mud, and extra support for the LT-rated carcass. This tire is race-proven in the Baja 500 and other tough races with no punctures or failures. Available in various sizes for 15” through 24” wheels. ATTURO TIRE Trail Blade M/T The Trail Blade M/T is Atturo’s “max-traction” tire with its extra-deep knife-blade lugs offering maximum grip in all conditions. The aggressive tread and staggered shoulder blocks provide lateral grip on soft surfaces while reducing noise on the pavement. A built-in rim guard in the bead area adds extra protection for wheels from damage on rocks or curbs. All LT-rated sizes are 3-ply rated. With wins in the San Felipe 250 and multiple short-course off-road races, the Trail Blade M/T is ready for the rigors of rocky trails, mud, and sand, while still providing good on-road manners. Available in a wide range of sizes for 16” through 22” wheels. Trail Blade X/T The Trail Blade X/T is billed as “the ultimate urban all-terrain tire” to match the needs of daily-driven light trucks. It’s designed with the open shoulder and sidewall treads of a mud terrain tire, combined with the off-road ability of an all-terrain tire, and the road feel of a highway tire. That blend gives excellent grip in loose sand and mud, as well as snow and rain, while providing quiet, comfortable performance on the road. A built-in rim guard helps protect wheels against damage from rocks and curbs. 3-ply construction and Atturo’s signature knife blade inspired tread design provide strength, style, and grip. Available in various sizes to fit 17” through 24” wheels.

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