Attracting the best short term impact and long term strategy

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For a long time now the UK job market has been candidate-led, making it a fight for employers to acquire the best. Digital disruption sweeping across all industries will only accentuate this, putting greater pressure on organisations to better attract, onboard and retain employees. Recruitment and talent development are HR's biggest priorities this year. Don't just take our word for it! With IDC, we spoke to 1,469 HR professionals and business managers in 14 European countries who told us this. If an organisation doesn't have a clear strategy to recruit, retain and develop its workforce then it needs one. Hiring the right people helps increase employee engagement and productivity, and decreases employee turnover, saving costs. With an uncertain future and talent needs constantly changing, a recruitment strategy needs to be fluid and revisited regularly. This smart paper is part of a series to equip HR with insights and practical tips to make all aspects of HR simpler, faster, smarter and better. This is not just about theory, we give you practical tips so you can take action today – and for this one, you'll feel equipped to develop a killer recruitment strategy for your organisation.

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