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The key is to capitalize on that opportunity when your customers are waiting to move into the F&I office. During this time, you can begin to educate your customer on the value of F&I products. Dealers using eMenu for iPad ® see measurable results: Average increase when using eMenu for iPad with eMenu vs. only eMenu, based on results from Dealertrack-subscribing dealers January 2017 – July 2017. 4 $ 354 1. 4 32 % MORE F&I PRODUCTS SOLD PER DEAL 4 INCREASE IN F&I PRODUCT PRICE 4 MORE F&I PROFIT PER DEAL 4 THERE'S A BETTER WAY Adopting a mobile and personalized selling solution for the F&I conversation is becoming more important every day. Mobile technology creates an engaging, comfortable experience for your customers and allows them to learn about the value of add-on products. Research shows that customers are bored, frustrated, confused and disappointed during the time spent in F&I1: GIVE THE GREEN LIGHT TO F&I MOBILE SELLING 1 3 Source: 2016 Emotional Connections provided by Root & Associates. 1 | Source: 2017 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey. 2 | Source: MakeMyDeal F&I Research, 2015 . 3 Sept 2015-Oct 2016 averages. 5 | The average increase in F&I products sold using eMenu for iPad ® is 18%. Dealertrack data January – July 2017. 6 | iPad is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. UP TO 60 % PRODUCT PENETRATION ON GAP INSURANCE AND APPEARANCE PROTECTION PACKAGES 5 WHAT OUR DEALERS ARE SAYING PROVEN CLIENT RESULTS $ 150 ADDITIONAL F&I PROFIT PER DEAL 5 IN 2016, SWOPE NISSAN SOLD PAINT PROTECTION ON 36 % OF THE DEALS USING eMENU FOR IPAD WITHOUT IT, PRODUCT PENETRATION PERCENTAGE WAS ONLY 18 % 6 " If you want transparency but also want to control exposure to compliance issues, eMenu for iPad is the number one way to do it." SHANE GRIFFIN // OWNER, FIRST CHOICE FORD "Time kills deals. We wanted a more seamless process that would enhance our customer experience." KEVIN COOK // GENERAL MANAGER, STRAUB AUTOMOTIVE "People expect mobile technology. It lends credibility, versus a piece of paper, and the result shows in higher quality engagement. They can read, touch it – it's a more comforting and productive way to go through the process." TAYLOR KLEIN // F&I MANAGER, SWOPE NISSAN FROM START TO FINISH, A TYPICAL CAR BUYING PROCESS TAKES 3 HOURS 3 H O U R S ARE COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH THE AMOUNT OF TIME SPENT IN THE F&I OFFICE 37 % ALMOST 1 HOUR OF THE CAR BUYING PROCESS IS SPENT IN F&I 25 % OF SHOPPERS SAY THEIR # 1 PAIN POINT IS SPENDING TIME IN F&I 2 1 2 3 S W O P E N I S S A N S T R A U B A U T O M O T I V E

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