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CUMULUS NETWORKS / DC SPINE 1 CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY DCspine spins up a completely new data center interconnect online service portal in just a year by using Cumulus Networks INDUSTRY DCI, SDN and SaaS services BUSINESS OBJECTIVES Cost effective, agile network to provide DCI online portal for customers PARTNERS Dell/EMC Background on DCspine Eurofiber is the leading provider of dark fiber DWDM services and Ethernet connectivity in the Netherlands and neighboring countries. Today, Eurofiber's reach includes 7.4 Million households and 50% of all internet traffic, and it helps service 84% of data centers in the Netherlands. In 2016, Eurofiber sought to further develop the data center interconnectivity (DCI) market, with the plan to base the offering upon network virtualization and software-defined networking capabilities. Over the next year, Eurofiber created a new, stand- alone company that was built around this concept of connecting multiple data centers. DCspine was born out of this initiative, with the focus on offering a fully automated, high capacity software- defined network datacenter interconnect platform. For this new service, DCspine required an open, flexible network. In order to be able to do this, a different approach compared to that of Eurofiber was needed given the fact that DCspine wanted to provide connectivity of a more 'on-demand' nature for a specific segment of the market. "With our new service, we had to change our standard processes in order to provide new and customized offerings," says Jan Michiel Berkel, Director of DCspine. "We knew we had to configure an agile network, yet traditional vendor tools made it hard to make such a goal possible. Also, we wanted to work with a vendor that was innovative themselves."

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