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Linux for networking YOUR QUICK START CHEAT SHEET CUMULUS NETWORKS — LINUX COMMAND CHEAT SHEET COMMON LINUX COMMANDS sudo [command] Become root for one command man [program] Display help menu for program kill [PID] Halt process by process-id history Display recently entered commands WORKING WITH FILES Everything in Linux is a file, so knowing how to work with files is a very important skillset to master. nano [filename] Edit a text file tree Show filesystem hierarchy pwd Print current folder name mkdir [folder] Make new folder cd [folder] Change into different folder Is -lha List the files in the current folder mv [old file] [new file] Move/rename a file cp [old file] [new file] Copy a file rm [filename] Delete a file cat [filename] Display a text file grep "string" [filename] Search file for a text string head -n 5 [filename] Display top 5 lines of a file tail -n 5 [filename] Display last 5 lines of a file tail -f [filename] Follow file and display new lines find / -name [filename] Find file named filename find / -name "*[string]*" Find filename containing string chmod 777 [filename] Change file permissions chown [username] [filename] Change file ownership Using Linux for networking completely unifies the network stack and can often be done by leveraging existing talent and skills. However many network engineers are accustomed to the commands and configurations of traditional network operating systems. Making the switch is easy, but it is a transition. This handy cheat sheet was designed for quick references as you learn and leverage Cumulus Linux. It features the most common commands used in Cumulus Linux with explanations on how to use them. REDIRECTION ip link show > [newfile] Redirect standard output to a file ifreload -a &> [newfile] Redirect standard output and standard error to a file cat /var/log/syslog | grep kernel Use one program's output as another program's input [command] & Send command execution to the background (use "fg" to send command to foreground again) LINUX USER ADMINISTRATION COMMANDS adduser [username] Add a user passwd [username] Change a user password id [username] Display information about user w Display all logged-in users and their activity last Display last login of user(s) exit Logout of the current session CUMULUS LINUX INSTALLATION MANAGEMENT COMMANDS net show system Show system model number net show version Show Cumulus version cat /etc/image-release Show precise software version cl-license -i [http:// or license.txt] License a switch SYSTEM CONFIGURATION COMMANDS sudo -E apt-get update Update the list of available packages sudo -E apt-get install [package name] Install a package from the repository sudo -E apt-get update Update software to latest versions sudo apt-cache search [string] Look for packages containing string sudo apt-cache show [package name] Show all info on package

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