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CUMULUS NETWORKS — MINIPACK DATA SHEET Benefits Together, Cumulus Linux and Minipack are bringing the hyperscale that was once only available to the largest enterprises to an entirely new segment of the market. Additional benefits and features include: Cumulus Express CX 20128 (Minipack) 100G switching for data center spine Key features • Cost-effective, bare-metal infrastructure for data center fabric • 128 x QSFP28 non-blocking switch ports, each supporting 1 x 100G or 1 x 40G • Up to 32 QSFP56-DD • Up to 8 PIM cards, each with 16 x QSFP28 ports • Full line-rate Layer 2 or Layer 3 forwarding • All ports on front; PSUs, fan modules on rear • Hot-swappable, load sharing, redundant AC power input options • Hot-swappable redundant fan modules • Hardware switch pre-loaded with Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) for automated loading of compatible open source and commercial NOS offerings OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY Standardizing on Cumulus Linux and Minipack allows organizations to take advantage of automation to limit demands on network engineers enabling them to focus on higher value priorities, mitigate errors and help operators manage more switches effectively. By leveraging Tomahawk III chips, the industry's highest performing switch silicon, network operators can deploy more efficient networks with the next level of performance and take advantage of the cost economies of merchant silicon. MASSIVE BANDWIDTH Based on Broadcom's Strata SGS Tomahawk III Switch series, Minipack offers an incredible 12.8Tbps bandwidth in a very compact 4 RU form factor. That's orders of magnitude more efficient than its predecessor, Backpack. FLEXIBILITY Cumulus Linux allows for a single operational model that spans across more than 100 fixed and modular platforms, allowing for hardware and software to be managed independently and at scale, with fully supported tooling and automation. Minipack delivers flexibility on the hardware side by supporting a mix of 100G and 400G Ethernet interfaces up to a maximum of 128x100G or 32x400G ports. SCALABILITY Cumulus Networks EVPN is a next-generation control-plane solution for VXLAN tunnels that uses the BGP routing protocol to provide high scale, redundancy, traffic engineering, multi-tenant separation, and fast convergence for host and VM mobility — all while interoperating between vendors. Overview Minipack is the most recent addition to the industry's open modular switches. Paired with the flexibility and cost benefits of Cumulus Linux OS, the platform is ideal for deploying the next generation of high-capacity data center fabrics. Based on Broadcom's StrataXGS Tomahawk III Switch Series, Minipack is more powerful than other chassis while occupying a smaller footprint. Not to mention, it's monumentally more cost efficient than the previous model, Backpack.

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