5 network automation tips and tricks

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5 Network Automation Tips and Tricks for NetOps Ben Piper I N T RO D U CT I O N Automation is not for the lazy. This seems counterintuitive, since the whole point of automation is to make your life easier. And indeed automation can do just that, as well as giving you back hours each week for other tasks. But getting your automation off the ground to begin with can be a challenge. It's not as if you just decide, "Hey, we're going to automate our network now!" and then you follow a foolproof, well-defined process to implement network automation across the board. You have to make many decisions that require long discussions, and downright difficult and careful thinking about how you're going to automate. Just as with anything else in the IT world, there are no one-size-fits- all solutions, and no "best practices" that apply to every situation. But there are some common principles and crucial decision points that do apply to all automation endeavors. In this post, I'll give you five tips and tricks to get clarity around your automation decisions and reduce any friction that may be inhibiting (further) adoption of network automation. CO N T E N TS 1. Choose Whether You Want Flexibility or Simplicity 2 2. Build One-Offs Into Your Automation 3 3. Use a Single Automation Platform 3 4. Use Version Control 4 5. Validate and Monitor Your Network Using NetQ 4 Get More Hours Back 4 1

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