VXLAN routing with EVPN

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Contents Introduction 2 VXLAN routing overview 3 VXLAN routing architectures 4 Centralized architecture 4 Distributed architecture 5 VXLAN routing with EVPN overview 6 EVPN route types for VXLAN routing 6 EVPN integrated routing and bridging (IRB) models 9 Asymmetric IRB model 9 Symmetric IRB model 10 Cumulus EVPN VXLAN routing deployment scenarios and configurations 12 Centralized VXLAN routing with bridging using EVPN 15 Distributed VXLAN routing with the asymmetric IRB model 23 Distributed VXLAN routing with the symmetric IRB model 27 NetQ for EVPN operations 32 Conclusion CUMULUS NETWORKS WHITEPAPER — VXLAN ROUTING WITH EVPN VXLAN routing with EVPN The VXLAN routing architectures, operations, and standard configurations for modern data center networks

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