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Cumulus Networks ® Case Study MicroAD + Cumulus ® Linux ® MicroAd revolutionizes networking infrastructure with Cumulus Linux INDUSTRY: AdTech BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: Network Efficiency and Reduce Cost "We needed to find a better way to manage our network" — Mr. Masaaki Motoi, System Development Department Manager, MicroAd Overview MicroAd is a fast-growing company developing digital advertising platforms for the country's largest Internet advertising network. MicroAd has been expanding its network infrastructure to cope with rapidly growing business needs. The expansion has made it difficult and complex to manage their IT infrastructure. To address the growing crisis, MicroAd elected to deploy bare metal switches running Cumulus Linux, a native Linux network OS that helps to increase network efficiency and infrastructure manageability while lowering overall cost. Challenges MicroAd manages nationwide digital advertising networks. Its solutions include MicroAd Blade (DSP) for advertisers and MicroAd Compass (SSP) for online publishers. In recent years, MicroAd has expanded its footprint and started offering solutions overseas. These large-scale advertising networking platform services require high performance and redundancy to handle the massive amount of traffic in real time. Failsafe monitoring and management of the network is essential to their success. The network infrastructure must also be scalable to accommodate the rapid growth of the business needs. "We have been operating using a layer 2 network design. However, as we expanded the infrastructure and added more servers, the time came to find a better way to manage our network," says Mr. Masaaki Motoi, Manager of System Development for MicroAd. It was evident that the cost and complexity of managing a layer 2 network would mount as the infrastructure grew. Troubleshooting layer 2 loops in the network would further complicate things and disrupt the entire service. MicroAd was looking for a new system that provided better efficiency and redundancy. An increasing number of data centers worldwide are adopting Clos architecture to address layer 2 network design limitations; MicroAd was also considering it for their new data center fabric when they discovered Cumulus Networks. Cumulus Networks develops Cumulus Linux, a native Linux network operating system that runs on industry standard bare metal network switches. With his system development background, Mr. Kota Hada knew the potential of a native Linux network OS and knew MicroAd could take advantage of it. ©2016 Cumulus Networks. All rights reserved. |

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