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Cumulus Networks ® Case Study SWITCH + Cumulus ® Routing on the Host SWITCH Builds Agile, Simple, Reliable Data Center with Cumulus Linux and Routing on the Host INDUSTRY: Higher Education Cloud + Hosting BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: Agile, Simple and Reliable Solution PARTNERS: Puppet, OpenStack, Ceph Using Cumulus Networks-enhanced routing on the host allowed us to eliminate MLAG and spanning tree in our environment while still providing redundancy to the host. Cumulus Quagga's OSPF unnumbered gave us network agility, making it a core functionality for us. Deploying routing on the host with Cumulus Quagga improved our overall system availability while allowing simpler operation and troubleshooting. — Saverio Proto: Cloud Operator, SWITCH Company Overview SWITCH was founded in 1987 as a non-profit organization and is the largest provider of IT services for universities and higher education in Switzerland. The SWITCH service portfolio includes: ⬝ SWITCHlan — connects Swiss universities to other universities worldwide ⬝ SWITCHaai — provides online access to learning ⬝ SWITCHconnect — provides internet access to university campuses and elsewhere ⬝ SWITCHinteract — provides a tool for video and web conferences ⬝ SWITCHcast — provides a video management system for recording and streaming lectures ⬝ SWITCH-CERT — protects education and research networks against cyber criminals and failures ⬝ SWITCHengines — provides cloud IaaS to allow universities to extend their IT infrastructure SWITCH is a thought leader and is motivated to try new, innovative technologies since they support research institutions. They also share ideas with the community. Building SWITCHengines SWITCHengines, an emerging part of SWITCH's portfolio, provides compute and storage resources for the higher education and research community. SWITCH needed to build a simple, reliable, cost effective and agile data center to support the SWITCHengines initiative and enable growth. SWITCH required a solution that worked well with native OpenStack Neutron and Ceph deployment, allowed both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing, and had easy device configuration while deploying innovative open technologies without locking into a specific hardware platform. SWITCH needed redundant connectivity to the VXLAN VTEPs on the hosts to support their multi-tenant OpenStack deployment. To meet their uptime Service Level Agreements (SLAs), they wanted to remove network complexity and cumbersome troubleshooting associated with Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Multi-chassis Link Aggregation protocol (MLAG), all while reducing the costs associated with deploying two leaf switches per rack. ©2016 Cumulus Networks. All rights reserved. |

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