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A P P E N DI X : NE T W OR K SE T U P C H E C K L I ST 25 Appendix: Network Setup Checklist Tasks Considerations 1. Set up physical network. Select network switches Refer to the HCL and hardware guides at Leaf switches: Choose between at least a 48 port 10G switch or 32 port 40G switch with breakout cables. Consider price and future-proofing. Spine switches: Choose at least a 10G switch or a 40G switch; 40G for more traffic aggregation. Consider price and future-proofing. Plan cabling Refer to KB article, Suggested Transceivers and Cables: Generally, higher number ports on a switch are reserved for uplink ports, so: Assign downlinks or host ports to the lower end, like swp1, swp2 Reserve higher number ports for network Connect all console ports. Install Cumulus Linux Obtain the latest version of Cumulus Linux. Obtain license key, which is separate from Cumulus Linux OS distribution. To minimize variables and aid in troubleshooting, use identical versions across switches — same version X.Y.Z, packages, and patch levels. See the Quick Start Guide in the Cumulus Linux Documentation. 2. Set up basic configuration of all switches. Reserve management space Reserve pool of IP addresses. Define hostnames and DNS. RFC 1918 should be used where possible. Determine IP addressing Enumerate: Loopback IP addresses VLAN subnets IPMI IP addresses Server static IP addresses (if not using DHCP)

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