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A P P E N DI X : NE T W OR K SE T U P C H E C K L I ST 27 6. Verify configuration. Check neighbors Use LLDP. Use Quagga and show ip ospf neighbors. Use cl-ospf for non-modal option. 7. Connect network fabric. Connect to core. Check MTU setting for the connection to the core. This depends on what the core needs. Determine how to handle the default route: originate or learn? Decide what IP address to use for the gateway. Typically this is either .1 or .254. Determine if routing will use static or dynamic routing. If dynamic: Specify router-id and advertised networks. Consider IPv4 and/or IPv6. Determine protocol, OSPF or BGP. 8. Install base OS for Hadoop Nodes Install Ubuntu Server configuration Partitioning: File system should be independent from HDFS file system. Partitioning depends on number and size of drives in your systems. Enable Openssh server Install Grub 9. Ensure common services are set up Set up common services Configure the following as needed: DHCP DNS Dynamic DNS 10. Set up Hadoop Configure Hadoop Test DFS up and running Smoke test run and complete MapReduce, TeraGen, TeraSort, TeraValidate DFS performance testing Environment operational

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