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B I G D AT A AN D C U MU L U S L I NU X : V AL I DA T E D DE SI G N GU I D E 8 Building a Data Center Network with Cumulus Linux to Run Apache Hadoop The instructions that follow detail the steps needed for designing and building a representative network for Hadoop workloads with switches running Cumulus Linux. The following prerequisites are assumed: • Users should be familiar with basic text editing, UNIX file permissions, and process monitoring. A variety of text editors are pre-installed, including vi and nano. • You must have access to a Linux or UNIX shell. If you are running Windows, you should use a Linux environment like Cygwin as your command line tool for interacting with Cumulus Linux. • Please review the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) to confirm your switch model is supported by Cumulus Networks. The HCL is updated regularly, listing products by port configuration, manufacturer, and SKU part number. Design Steps The steps for designing a Hadoop network environment with Cumulus Linux switches are: Step Tasks 1. Diagram your network architecture. Specify spine and leaf switches. Specify how switches are connected. 2. Determine which IP address each node will use. Enumerate network nodes. Enumerate loopback IP addresses. Enumerate VLAN subnets. 3. Determine how your cluster will connect to your core network. Review documentation. 4. Determine the IP addresses that each server will use. Enumerate servers. Enumerate IPMI IP addresses. Enumerate static IP addresses. 5. Select systems to be master and backup. Designate master and backup. Apply DNS as needed.

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