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1 © 2022 Graebel Companies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This document contains CONFIDENTIAL information. Reproduction and distribution of this document in any manner or for any purpose is prohibited without the express written permission of Graebel Companies, Inc. Long-Term International Assignment – Market Practices Provision Market Practices Definition > Long-term assignments are typically defined as being between one (1) year and five (5) years in length. > The most common length is two (2) to three (3) years. > After five (5) years, most companies will either repatriate the employee or localize the employee to the host country. Eligibility > Current Employees > Experienced new hires (assuming work permit and visa eligibility) VISA / Work Permit > The Company will assist with obtaining required visa and work permit documents. > Most companies will NOT sponsor work permits for accompanying dependents. > Depending on the host country, some companies may assist with obtaining permanent residency status. Tax Consultation / Tax Return Preparation > A tax consultation with the company's international tax partner is provided prior to departure; may also be offered upon arrival in the host country. > Tax preparation and tax filing for all years on assignment, as well as any subsequent years in which assignment-related tax implications exist. Medical Exam / Immunizations > Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses for medical exams and immunizations necessary for entry into the host country. Pre-Assignment Trip > A pre-assignment trip may be provided if employee has never visited the host location > The trip is typically reserved for just the employee and spouse/partner; however, some companies will allow school-aged children to accompany, depending on the host country. > Typical length is up to one (1) week, inclusive of travel time > Reimbursement includes airfare, lodging, meals and incidentals, rental car if needed o Travel expense reimbursement is consistent with company travel policy Sale or Management of Home Country Property > Few companies offer this benefit, especially if it is anticipated the employee will be returning to the origin location at the end of the assignment; however, if it is provided, Home Sale Assistance follows the existing departure country policy. > If no policy exists, the company may reimburse reasonable and customary closing costs; the reimbursement amount may be capped. > Property management support may involve the origin home being rented out OR vacant home management if the employee decides to leave the home vacant while on assignment. Monthly management fees as well as any rental commission would typically be reimbursed/covered.

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