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Unmatched Safety & Design Patented technology powers the system down when foreign objects interfere with the track. Active Charging™ Innovative technology converts AC power to safe DC power, turning one wall outlet into a smart power hub for the entire room. Size Matters Designed to optimize space. Compact footprint supports active charging of up to 30 electronic devices at once. Unheard-Of Flexibility Support thousands of configurations to meet your charging needs in any space. Use 6' or 12' charging track segments. Smart, Agile Power Juice Mobile Power ships assembled and ready to use, charging devices safely based on specific charging needs and requirements. Zero Infrastructure Costs Avoid costly electrical infrastructure upgrades. Utilize one wall outlet to deliver active charging to an entire room. 60 % are unable to provide power to the center of the room to keep devices powered of teachers do not have enough power to meet the needs of their students. 80 % Power Everywhere. That's Our Charge. Juice Mobile Power Room Kit FOR EDUCATION ENVIRONMENTS For a fractional cost of a retrofit, Bretford provides a safe, flexible mobile charging solution to power an entire classroom of mobile learning devices. Compatible with iPads and Chromebooks, Juice Mobile Power can power up to 10 laptops and 20 tablets with one starter kit.

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