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BRAND YOUR PRODUCT AW | 6 MUS | C ARCTIC WHITE GLOSS MUSTARD GLOSS BP | 5 ORC | D BLACK PUMICE TEXTURED ORCHID GLOSS CK | 2 PA | E CHARCOAL TEXTURED PACIFIC BLUE GLOSS CT | 9 CONCRETE TEXTURED PLATINUM METALLIC CM | 8 RED | 3 COOL MINT GLOSS RED GLOSS EG | A SKY | 4 ELECTRIC GREEN GLOSS SKY GLOSS GRA | B TAG | F GRASS GLOSS TANGERINE GLOSS TZ | G METALLIC CHAMPAGNE METALLIC TOPAZ METALLIC ©2019 Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. All rights reserved. Our standard color palette includes 16 hues, all available at no additional charge. Color codes for TechGuard Connect ® range from 1-9 and A-G. Color codes for all other products are represented exclusively by alphabetic abbreviations. CH | 7 PM | 1

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