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# User Story # Category # Requirement Priority (1 = High, 2 = Medium, 3=lower) Core Product Functionality Y or N Detailed Response Customisation or Configuration Details Level of Effort & estimated additional cost LMS001 1 Accessibility LMS001.0 1 All users can access the solution anytime, anywhere on any device e.g. desktop and mobile 1 Y Cornerstone can be securely accessed 24x7 by all users through any internet-connected computer or mobile device with a supported browser. Browsers supported by Cornerstone products via desktop and mobile device include Internet Explorer 11 and greater, Apple Safari 10 and greater, latest Mozilla Firefox, latest Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge for Windows 10. Cornerstone offers native mobile applications (Cornerstone Learn and Cornerstone Mobile) that are available on devices running iOS 10 and above and Android 6.0 and above. LMS001 Accessibility LMS001.0 2 Able to personalise screens for different disabilities -flexibility to generate diverse learning experiences 2 Y Once logged in, the user is presented with a personalised talent management portal. This portal can be personalised based on the user's assigned needs, division, position, location, etc., and can be configured to include unique navigation, logos, colours, images, functionality, and more. The "look and feel" of the user interface is established by the client, and can be customised for different Organisational Units. The Cornerstone Home Page is highly configurable. The custom page builder allows administrators to add over 20 predefined Widgets including an image place holder, and header and footer messages. In addition, 10 HTML boxes are available. A YouTube video can be embedded as well. Administrators can configure which and how many of these widgets and HTML boxes are used to configure a user's personalised home page, all without any required programming skills or custom projects. The Cornerstone system is compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA. This ensures that all user features are accessible to people with disabilities. LMS001 Accessibility LMS001.0 3 All users can access off-line content - or have the functionality to download content and save to device so it can be accessed later 2 Y Cornerstone offers three options for clients. The Cornerstone Mobile app also allows mobile users to download and consume approved content offline and synch when connected to a network. The Offline Player allows Windows PC/laptop users to complete online courses while not connected to the internet. While using the Offline Player, online classes offline courses behave as though they are being used online: bookmarks are kept, progress is saved, etc. Users download available training courses while online, and then complete the training while offline. When they are back online, users can upload the results of their offline training. In addition, the Offline Network Player enables users to complete training offline using a kiosk or a shared device, eliminating the need for the user to download or sync courses. Administrators designate online courses to be available to be launched from an offline network location. They then download these courses to the specified network location, and then sync the user data to the system server when internet connection is available. This is helpful to organisations where minimal or no internet connection at times is available. LMS001 Accessibility LMS001.0 4 All users can access the system with unique log-in details (How do users log in to the system? What information is required to be captured in the "admin side") 1 Y All users need a unique username and password to access the application. Alternatively, users can be authenticated using security tokens, utilising a symmetric algorithm, passed by the client's local authenticator for single sign-on (SSO) functionality. Password preferences allow the administrator to specify a variety of options and requirements for passwords, including the following options: • Allow user to reset their password via an automated email notification. • Allow user to reset their password by answering a specified number of security questions. • Send email notification to user upon password change. • Require automated confidential password reset by admin (admin cannot access generated password). • Require alpha and numeric characters. • Require both upper and lower case letters. • Do not allow three or more consecutive identical characters. • Require at least one special character (e.g. !, @, #, $). • Expire passwords every XX days. • Passwords cannot be the same as any previous XX passwords. • Set minimum password length. • Set maximum password length. Different password requirements can be established by Organisational Unit. LMS001 Accessibility LMS001.0 5 3rd party contractors/Concession employees can access a reduced portal, only displaying essential legal compliance modules but no other access to Center Parcs business information 2 Y Cornerstone is entirely rights and roles-driven. The application features hundreds of security permissions related to thousands of features, which can be configured to roles or individual users. For example, general rules may be established for certain types of administrators, but each user may also be granted their own unique permissions. These permissions are all stored as part of the user's information. Hence, users only see what they have been given permission to see. As such, their view to data in the system is constrained by their specific availability rights. Client administrators with the proper rights can create and manage security and access permissions for your organisation.

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