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© 2019 Sage Intacct, Inc. All rights reserved. 877-437-7765 Company Overview Atlas Network connects a global network of more than 475 free- market organizations in over 90 countries to the ideas and resources needed to advance the cause of liberty. Learn more at Executive Summary Previous So ware: • QuickBooks, Excel Results with Sage Intacct and Solver BI360: • 75% more efficient reporting processes • 50% greater efficiency through CRM integration • Saving two weeks a month with automated journal entries • Monthly close reduced 64% from two weeks to five days Challenges Nonprofit Seeks Speed and Insights in Financial Management Since 1981, Atlas Network has championed individual freedoms, free market economics, and libertarian ideals across the world. The nonprofit, headquartered in Arlington, Va., partners with more than 475 think tanks and activist organizations in over 90 countries to advance the vision of a free and prosperous world in which people can innovate and thrive without barriers. With an annual budget of $15 million and about 30 full-time personnel, Atlas Network is funded principally by donations from philanthropic foundations and individuals. But until 2017, Atlas Network faced barriers in its accounting practices. Reliance on an entry-level QuickBooks application and Excel made it difficult to track and manage financials, and funding grants to partners around the world. Reporting and budgeting were complex and time-consuming exercises that involved a massive spreadsheet created by Atlas Network's director of finance, Romulo Lopez. Known as "Rombooks," the spreadsheet had roughly 20 tabs, each with up to 150 rows and 90 columns of data. Over time, "Rombooks" had grown unwieldy, was prone to breakage, and wasn't easily shared with other stakeholders. In addition, QuickBooks wasn't integrated with other critical business applications at Atlas Network, including its Salesforce CRM application used for donor and project management. That meant inefficient double data entry, inconsistent information, and limited visibility for executives and managers. "QuickBooks and Salesforce didn't talk each other, and that was definitely an issue," Lopez said. "It required a lot of double entry just to keep things synchronized. We needed to make things work be er." Solutions Sage Intacct, CRM Integration Drives 50% Efficiency Gain A value-added reseller working with Atlas Network suggested that Sage Intacct could automate and streamline financial management and reporting and connect easily with Salesforce. A er some evaluation, Atlas Network made its move to Sage Intacct in 2017. The next year, it further built out its environment with a Solver BI360 solution for budgeting and forecasting. And it partnered with T3 Information Systems, a top Sage Intacct partner based in Washington, D.C., to help guide the transformation of its accounting and finance function. Integration has been a critical element of Atlas Network's success. Connecting Salesforce and Sage Intacct has improved efficiency by 50% by eliminating the need for double data Global Freedom Advocate Boosts Efficiency 75% by Liberating Finance Team from Manual Work Atlas Network C A S E S T U D Y

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