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Gain insight into system usability, optimization, utilization, value, risk, compliance, and reporting. DEMANDLAB'S THREE-PHASED AUDIT INCLUDES: • System Inventory and Plan • Diagnostic Audit • Solutions Analysis and Recommendations How it works We conduct a phased, systematic, and independent examination of your marketing automation platform to determine whether the system setup, activities, and related results align with industry benchmarks, best practices, and your unique business initiatives and goals. Our audit team holds Q&A sessions with you to ensure we understand your system and business needs. The audit uncovers answers to key questions including: • How organized, secure, and user-friendly is your functional setup? • How robust are your data collection and management processes? • How many essential, high-ROI programs are you leveraging? • Can you report on campaign/source ROI and lead generation? Key deliverables Upon completion of the audit, you receive a workbook that includes a comprehensive review of your marketing automation platform. This workbook includes a series of recommendations for increasing efficiencies, advancing system use, ensuring proper use and set up, and optimizing the system for ROI. Your marketing automation platform is the heart of your operations. But while it's incredibly powerful, it's also incredibly complex, and many marketers struggle with usability, performance, and ROI. M A R K E T I N G AU TO M AT I O N SYST E M AU D I T Whether you have inherited a new system along with a new role or you need a better understanding of a system that has become frustrating and problematic over the years, DemandLab's marketing automation system audit untangles the complexity, identifies the issues, and provides a clear plan for performance optimization.

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