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Bretford Statement of Line 2019

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STATEMENT OF LINE S U M M E R 2 0 1 9 PRESENTATION SUPPORT Interactive Media Station Flat Panel Designer Cart Flat Panel Cart EDUIMS FPP72V200 FPPC72V200 FP42MUL FP42MULC FP60MUL FP60UL Interactive Whiteboard PAL Cart EDUIWB TCP23 MULTIMEDIA CARTS Adjustable Cart Multimedia Work Station Technology Cart A2642 CA2642 ECILS1 ECILS2 ECILS3 TC15 TC15FF Printer Cart Media Cart FC2020 C15 B234 BOO327 BOOV1 BOOV5 L327 L33017 VF336 CUBE CUBE ® Micro Station & Tray CUBE ® Cart CUBE ® Toploader TVS10AC TVT10AC TVC16PAC TVC32PAC TVC36PAC TVC32USBC TVC36USBC TVCM20PAC TVTL40PAC TVTLM20PAC TVTLM24PAC TVTLM26PAC CORE Core ® M Cart Core ® X Cart CORE24MS CORE36MS CORE36USBC TCOREX24 TCOREX36 TCOREX45 PULSE, LINK & EVER Pulse ® Cart Link ® Cart EVER ® Cart MDMLAP20 MDMLAP30 MDMTAB24 MDMTAB30 MDMTAB36 MDMLAP20NR MDMLAP32NR T30C T45C APPLE CUBE & MiX CUBE ® Cart CUBE ® Micro Station MiX ® Cart HN9C2 HN9B2 HN9D2 HKPX2 HKPY2 HKPZ2 CHARGE ONLY PureCharge Cart ® PureCharge Station ® PowerRack ® 10 HGFM2 HGFN2 HGFP2 HGFQ2 HM962 CHARGE & SYNC PowerSync+ Cart ® PowerSync+ Station ® PowerSync Tray ® HE405 HE407 HE406 HB717 CHARGE & PROVISION PowerSync Pro ™ Tray PowerSync Pro ™ Cabinet PowerSync Pro ™ Cart PSPROTRAY10L PSPROTRAY20M PSPROTRAY20S PSPROCABL-PMCK PSPROCART-PMCK LOCKERS TechGuard Connect ® TCLAR0100 TCLAR0600 TCLAKS100 TCLAKS600 ACTIVE CHARGING Juice ® Mobile Power JMPSK12 JMPSK6 ©2019 Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. All rights reserved. BRESOL0719V1

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