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6sense. com | (415) 212-9225 Give Your Revenue Teams the Power to Know Everything, So They Can Do Anything B2B buying has changed. Today's buyers are anonymous, fragmented and resistant−meaning the majority of the buying journey happens in the 'Dark Funnel' where anonymous demand signals are invisible to traditional marketing automation tools and impossible to connect across disparate systems. The 6sense Account Based Orchestration Platform, powered by AI was built on the industry's leading AI technology to connect signals from every channel to help your revenue team uncover demand, and get full visibility into the buying teams' journey. UNCOVER DEMAND: Make the Anonymous Known With the 6sense Account Based Orchestration Platform, B2B revenue teams can: Unmask the 'Dark Funnel' by capturing intent signals from every known and anonymous source to provide full visibility into the buying teams' journey. ● Enrich Data & Find Buying Teams - Identify new contacts and build out the customer buying center ● Reach the Right Audience - Create unlimited segments using the power of AI ● Analyze Results - Understand what's driving engagement 'Dark Funnel' - The anonymous web visits, 3rd party research, and false form fills go unnoticed by sales and marketing teams & systems. 60% of the B2B sales cycle is completed before a prospect ever speaks with a salesperson - Forrester Uncover Demand with The 6sense® Account Based Orchestration Platform, Powered by AI

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