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BEST PRACTICES This checklist identifies key email components and provides best practices for each one. Use it as a baseline, then test and iterate to determine what works best for your industry and audience. E M A I L S U C C E S S C H EC K L I ST COMP ONENT CHECK FOR... "From" name 64% of people choose to open an email based on the sender name, yet many companies still use "no-reply," which is impersonal, reduces deliverability, and suggests that you don't want to hear from prospects and customers. Is your company included in the "from" name, along with the most appropriate department or function where applicable (XYZ Company Product Team)? Where appropriate, does the "from" name include a specific person ("Jane from XYZ Company")? This tactic can boost the open rate. Subject line Subject lines are one of the top three email elements that impact open rates. Is the subject line around 50–65 characters or fewer (about 5–7 words)? Where appropriate, does it create a sense of urgency ? Where appropriate, does it include a question format? Where possible, does it identify the ideal recipient ("Networking Tips for CFOs")? Does it include personalization ("Chen, you qualify for lower rates")? Does it describe what recipients get ("Your 2019 Growth Guide is here")? Do the most important words come first ("Last chance to attend XYZ event")? © 2019 DemandLab. All Rights Reserved. | Page 1

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