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Why it matters A content strategy is the first, critical step toward content marketing that is intentional, proactive, and measurably effective. The strategy-building process helps you identify your strengths, set priorities, and make the best use of your resources. Ultimately, your strategy defines success and lays out the roadmap for reaching it. Our approach We begin every strategic engagement with a deep examination of your organization's most valuable asset—your customer. Then we build a strategy that identifies the messaging, themes, channels, and brand voice that align with your company brand and your customers' needs and aspirations. At the end of the process, you will have a solid foundation and a step-by- step plan for creating and distributing quality content that aligns with the customer journey and your business goals. Elevate the quality and performance of your marketing and sales content with a content strategy from DemandLab. Our unique, customer-centric process gives you the solid foundation you need to ideate, create, and promote content that's engaging, brand- aligned, and results-focused. C O N T E N T ST R AT EGY ELEVATE CONTENT PERFORMANCE When content marketing is guided by a thoughtful and comprehensive strategy, it amplifies your reach, accelerates your pipeline, and delivers measurable results. CONTENT STRATEGY DEFINES: • WHY - Why create content? • WHAT - What makes it valuable? • WHO - Who is the audience? • WHERE - Where can you reach them? • WHEN - When is the right time? • HOW - How do you communicate? Marketers with a documented content strategy outperform their peers.

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