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Managed Service Provider Checklist Evaluation Kit

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T H E U LT I M AT E M A N AG E D S E RV I C E P R OV I D E R E VA LUAT I O N K I T Finding the perfect partner to help you achieve greater success in marketing is no easy task . But once you know the right questions to ask , it gets a lot easier. This DemandLab kit will help you evaluate potential marketing automation partners and identify the best choice for you and your organization. EVALUATION KIT SHARE NOW: Choosing your partner As marketers, one of the most important things we can do is to marshal our resources effectively. There isn't a single marketing professional who isn't challenged by competing priorities or frustrated because the resources needed to seize a great opportunity just weren't there. Projects pile up, budget is limited, time is scarce and your team becomes overwhelmed. These are non-negotiable realities. But how do you make sure you're putting your reputation, goals, and revenue potential in the right hands? Choosing the right marketing automation partner is a big step and one size never fits all when it comes to managed services. Your organization is unlike any other, and your needs and priorities are unique. Your company may be large or small. Your market may be local or global. Your in-house design capabilities may be robust or nonexistent. And your experience with marketing automation may be extensive or minimal. Wherever your priorities lie, the greatest value comes from a long-term partnership. Just like any relationship, the ones that go the distance will always outshine the short-term "flings." Depending on your objectives, managed services can free you and your team to focus on areas of strength, or it can provide an opportunity to enhance your knowledge, explore new disciplines, and acquire new skill sets. The Ultimate Managed Service Provider Evaluation Kit | Page 1 HOW TO USE THIS KIT Step 1 Review the complete list of questions below, which are grouped according to different themes ("Values," "Strategic Capability," etc.). For each theme, use the "My Critical Need" column to check off the items that are most important to you. Then, add a checkmark or an 'X' to track each agency's ability to deliver in the most important areas. Step 2 When you've evaluated your critical needs and each agency's capabilities, add up the number of check marks in each column. The agency with the score closest to your total Critical Needs score will be the agency that aligns most with your needs.

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