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w w w. m r c y. c o m WHITE PAPER 4 Air Flow-By Air Flow Through Summary ANSI/VITA Standard 48.7 (Ratified 2014) 48.8 (Ratified 2017) Managed air flow ü Not at component level Complete design packages available to VITA members ü Partial design information Environmental Environmentally sealed modules ü Exposed connectors Ruggedness ü ü ü ü ü Cooling Cooling performance ü ü ü (Suitable for all thermal loads and system sizes) ü ü (Suitable for smaller thermal loads and systems) Two-side cooling ü Air passes through module Mezzanine cooling ü ü ü ü ü SWaP Standard 1" OpenVPX pitch ü Mezzanines require 1.2-inch pitch modules Weight ü ü LRU 2LM complaint ü Exposed connectors, no injector/ejectors Fully enclosed module to protect electronics ü Exposed connectors Smooth IEEE 1101.1 (ANSI/VITA 48.1) mod- ule injector/extractors ü 4.40 jack screws Smooth running modules ü Wedge shaped modules plug chassis gaps EMC Module EMC protection ü EMC gasketing not standard System-level EMC protection ü No front-panel gasket Proven TRL (high altitude platforms) ü (9, highest) TBD Multiple prime contractor acceptance ü (Deployed 5+ years) No system of record deployed Options Scalable across conduction and liquid- cooled architectures ü (Very similar to OpenVPX's conduction and liquid-cooling architectures) Standalone technology Front-panel I/O ü Access behind the front-panel is impeded by the cooling fins Commercial Architecture affordability ü ü ü (Leverage mainstream OpenVPX ecosys- tem) ü ü (May use modified1.2-inch module widths requiring modified hardware) Adaptability ü ü ü (Versatile and quick machining fabrication) ü ü (Awkward to modify, dedicated tooling, longer lead-times) Availability (MRL) ü ü ü ü ü Other OSA compliance (SOSA, FACE, CMOSS) ü (In-process to becoming SOSA recognized) ü ü (SOSA recognized) Scale across form-factors and architectures ü (3U and 6U OpenVPX, AdvancedTCA) Best suited to 3U OpenVPX Air Flow-By Vs Air Flow Through Air Flow-By Vs Air Flow Through summary table

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