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INDUSTRY - ON-DEMAND AND GIG MARKETPLACES Screening for the Gig and On-Demand Economy Scale Your Workforce Easily Automated screening solutions allow you to make immediate workforce decisions. Thorough searches certify the applicant is qualified for the job. Build an Efficient Screening Program Criminal Searches Reduce cost and turnaround time by filtering and prioritizing criminal history results. In-house automated fulfillment improves accuracy and compliance. Progressive Hiring Decide when to move forward with the next step in the background check process. Decrease cost and turnaround time by evaluating background check results as they are returned. Driving History and Monitoring Search and monitor DMV records to provide a three to seven-year driving history and ensure the ongoing safety of drivers. Other Services Access a suite of background check services to add to your program as needed including verifications, drug testing, health ervices and more. Identity Validation Improve applicant legitimacy through real-time photo ID validation enabled in the Accurate Background applicant experience. Build trust with consumers by insisting on compliant, accurate and reliable background check services and technology. INDUSTRY - ON-DEMAND & GIG MARKETPLACES | Accurate Background | 1

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