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Considerations for using AWS products in GxP systems

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Amazon Web Services – Using AWS In GxP Systems January 2016 Page 34 of 34 6.3 Shared Responsibilities in AWS Agreements This table is meant as a helpful summary of responsibilities found in AWS standard agreements and is not authoritative. The responsibilities outline in this section are for the individual AWS Products only and do not include the SLA responsibilities between AWS customers and their end users. Topic Responsibilities Customer AWS Contacts Maintain valid e-mail address associated with AWS account (customer agreement 1.2) x Changes Notify customers of material change or discontinuation of AWS Product (customer agreement 2.1) x Changes Support previous versions of AWS Product APIs for 12 months (customer agreement 2.2) x Changes Perform security updates as needed to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of AWS products bulletins/ x Content Development, contents, operation, maintenance and use of Content (i.e. GxP records and applications) (customer agreement 4.1) X Content Security, protection, and backup of your content (customer agreement 4.2) x Support Provide support of GxP system end users (customer agreement 4.2) x Support Basic support to customer ( x Privacy Control of geographic regions where data resides x

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