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Cloud platforms for manufacturing and supplier management

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CLOUD PLATFORMS: BRINGING CONSISTENCY, CONTROL & COMPLIANCE TO MANUFACTURER & SUPPLIER COLLABORATION MANAGEMENT share: P u b l i s h e d by by F i e r c e C u s to m P u b l i s h i n g Cloud platforms: Bringing consistency, control and compliance to manufacturer and supplier collaboration management The need for platforms that support efficient, com- pliant collaboration with remote sites is greater than ever. Next year, for the first time, drug developers will spend more on contract R&D services than in- house operations, according to the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development 1 . Increased R&D outsourcing is part of a broader move from vertical- ly-integrated operations to networks of collaborators. Outsourcing cuts fixed costs while ensuring access to expertise, technology and geographic breadth. These benefits persuaded biopharma companies to embrace the approach despite its problems. Email, fax and third-party technology systems facilitate these collaborations, but create security, compli- ance and efficiency challenges. Now, the emergence of cloud collaboration platforms is promising to fix these failings. "Up until now, life sciences companies have collabo- rated primarily through email and fax. They would discover a non-conformance with a CMO, and pro- ceed to exchange emails with them," said Bruce Kratz, vice president of product development and quality management specialist at Sparta Systems. "When they needed a signature on a supplier's cor- rective action, that was accomplished through fax. It was inefficient, and made compliance reporting challenging." Biopharma companies can manage their global net- works of suppliers and partners by deploying common cloud platforms. Once deployed, the platform acts as a central hub for the network. Internal and external research, development and manufacturing facilities automatically upload data to the common platform, either via streaming or batch transfer. The head- quarters of the drug company has access to all the data. These systems enable biopharma companies to improve consistency, quality and compliance while realizing the benefits of collaboration. Achieving compliance and control The cloud eliminates many of the failings of legacy approaches to collaboration. Historically, the lack of shared platforms forced biopharma companies to rely on systems run by their collaborators for data 1 "Insights Into Capturing Collaborative Value". Applied Clinical Trials, 2016. Web. 14 Nov. 2016. S P O N S O R E D BY

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