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AWS and SAP: regulated workloads in the cloud

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SHARE: AWS and SAP: How and Why Companies Run Regulated Workloads in the Cloud 2 C hange is the only constant in today's b i o p h a r m a i n d u s t r y. To s u c c e e d , c o m p a n i e s m u s t c o l l a b o r a t e a n d outmaneuver the competition against a backdrop of fast-evolving regulations and technologies. Being nimble is essential. To help companies achieve this state, Amazon Web Services has partnered with SAP. Multi-year upgrade projects are out. Rapid iteration is in. For years, biopharma companies have relied on AWS and SAP to support different parts of their operations. The AWS cloud has enabled preclinical researchers, marketing teams and other groups to store, share and analyze data, innovate and collaborate while freeing themselves from the costs and constraints of on-premise infrastructure. In parallel, SAP has reimagined its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for the digital era. Today, data generated and collected through the networking of businesses, processes, data and equipment makes it possible for companies to gather real-time insights that improve their operations. These insights are a key differentiator in the fast-moving digital economy but accessing them using legacy systems is challenging. SAP responded to these challenges with HANA, a platform that adds real-time computing to the features that made its traditional ERP system perhaps the most mission critical suite of applications run by businesses. In 2017, AWS and SAP par tnered to a c c e l e r ate t h e c onve rge n c e of t h e i r offerings. The result is a faster and simpler way to move from on-premise hardware and get started with SAP HANA in the AWS cloud. Companies can bring their own licenses and software to the AWS cloud. The perceived barriers to running regulated workloads in the cloud have fallen away. Established companies that make the migration and startups that skip the on-premise era and go straight to

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