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Dealing with QMS Regret

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Maybe you loved your Quality Management System (QMS) when you got it, but now the novelty has faded. Needs change. Regulations change. Technology changes. With hindsight, you realize the design of your current QMS no longer suits your organizational or regulatory goals. Don't worry— removing your current QMS and upgrading to MasterControl is virtually painless! Purchasing a QMS is a serious commitment, one that will impact your organization for years, perhaps even decades, to come. That's why it's important to make sure the system you choose is designed to stand the test of time, and the provider is a true QMS expert, one who understands the quality and regulatory industries, not just technology. With nearly two decades of experience in rigorous regulatory environments, MasterControl has developed configurable webbased solutions that combine industry best practices with the flexibility to meet our customers' unique needs across the entire enterprise. Supported by a comprehensive array of professional services, as well as a worldwide network of best-inclass strategic and technology partners, MasterControl's QMS ensures compliance and reduces risk and costs for regulated companies across a wide range of industries. Why switch to MasterControl? • One vendor, one solution: Many software providers claim to offer a complete solution, but do they? MasterControl's QMS goes beyond document control, allowing you to define, track, manage, and report all of your quality processes in one centralized database. Our comprehensive quality suite, MasterControl All Access™, equips you with more than 30 specialized tools—everything from CAPA to risk management—designed to work seamlessly as a single integrated solution rather than a combination of components from multiple vendors. This not only reduces your cost of compliance, but also increases your competitive advantage. • Product development driven by "real world" industry expertise: Who's driving product development at your current solution provider? At MasterControl, product development is driven by seasoned product managers with years of industry expertise, not software engineers. Having been in your shoes, they understand your goals and respond with solutions, features, and enhancements that offer you real value and are compliant with the latest industry standards. • Constantly evolving technology: How much does your current software provider invest in improving its existing product to ensure your continued success? At MasterControl, we recognize that technology is constantly evolving and that our solutions must adapt to meet the changing needs of our clients, which is why we dedicate 79% of all man-hours to improving our current solutions. Ask yourself this question: Is it wise (or even fair) to be paying an exorbitant MSA for antiquated technology that not only increases your operating costs but also your risk? • Easily supports third party software integration: How well does your current QMS integrate with other applications? MasterControl's QMS has been architected and developed to quickly and easily support integration with other enterprise systems, portals, and productivity applications. What's more, the migration and validation of your legacy data to MasterControl is a virtually painless process. Our valued migration partners have successfully completed hundreds of seamless data migrations—on time and on budget. • Out-of-the-box, configurable solutions: Has customizing your application orphaned you? MasterControl is "out-ofthe- box and configurable" to suit your needs. This design ensures rapid installation, implementation, and validation to get your quality system up and running quickly and improve your compliance requirements. And, as technology advances, the design allows you to be more nimble to upgrade to the latest MasterControl versions that will help you continually improve your quality processes. • More than 250 satisfied reference customers: Would you recommend your current QMS provider to others? MasterControl customers do…all the time. At MasterControl, customer success is the core value on which we base our entire business operating philosophy. While we take great pride in our innovative solutions, we take even greater pride in helping our customers put that innovation to work throughout their organizations. If you would like to learn more about MasterControl, we have over 250 customer advocates willing to share their implementation success stories with you. About MasterControl Inc. MasterControl Inc. produces software solutions that enable regulated companies to get their products to market faster, while reducing overall costs and increasing internal efficiency. MasterControl securely manages a company's critical information throughout the entire product lifecycle. Our software is known for being easy to implement, easy to validate and easy to use. MasterControl solutions include quality management, document management/ document control, product lifecycle management, audit management, training management, bill of materials, supplier management, submissions management, and more. Supported by a comprehensive array of services based on industry best practices, MasterControl provides customers with a complete information management solution across the entire enterprise. Corporate Headquarters: MasterControl Inc. Salt Lake City, UT United States Phone: 1 866 747 8767

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