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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl Training™ FDA regulations, ISO standards, and other international regulations require training as an integral part of quality. MasterControl's training software is a learning management system (LMS) designed to help you integrate quality into your daily operations and facilitate compliance. It provides robust tools to help prevent quality problems and to show regulators that your quality standards and policies work. How Can MasterControl Software Solutions Help You? MasterControl Training automates and streamlines paper-based or hybrid training systems. It facilitates compliance with training requirements found in FDA and other regulations, as well as ISO and other quality standards. MasterControl Training offers the following benefits. Training Control Challenges MasterControl Training Inefficiency: In regulated environments, employees whose jobs directly affect product quality must be trained on relevant SOPs, policies, and other critical documents. A paper-based system requires distribution of training materials, tasks, reminders, and exams in person or via phone or email. Without vigilance, tasks can fall through the cracks. Increased Efficiency: MasterControl Training greatly increases efficiency by automating management of all training tasks, from routing to follow-up and escalation. It offers the capability to provide online exams, group sign off for companies that train large groups, and automatic sequencing of training tasks for progressive training. Disparate Systems: Any substantial change to an important document typically requires retraining on the updated document. When the document revision and training systems are different, employees could miss training tasks and continue to perform their jobs based on outdated information. Connected Processes: MasterControl connects training with document revision and all other quality processes for a holistic approach to quality management and compliance. Challenges and Solutions

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