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MasterControl Training™ Employee training is an integral part of compliance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other international quality management regulations. Ensuring all staff members remain fully qualified for their roles requires strict attention to many details in overseeing the skills development of each employee. MasterControl Training™ automates all training tasks, including records management, routing, tracking, follow-up and escalation, ensuring that every employee's training requirements are complete and up to date. Data Sheet Key Benefits 1 Reduce administrative burden MasterControl automates routine tasks, allowing coordinators to focus on creating effective training programs that ensure employees remain competent in performing their tasks. 2 Keep procedure training up to date Document management is integrated with training. MasterControl promptly alerts training coordinators and employees when document updates require process changes and new training. 3 Simplify compliance Most auditors scrutinize training records. Employee records, course curriculums and all other training documents are stored in a single repository, making them easy to access during audits. Quality Excellence Transform quality management with the most complete, connected and intelligent QMS available today. Choose the proven platform that empowers you to digitize and automate the management of quality events, documents and training across your entire product life cycle — and get your products to market sooner. Quality Qx

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