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Data Sheet 4 MasterControl Process™ • Integrates with Other Applications: MasterControl integrates with applications like ERP, LIMS, accounting, and human resources applications to connect different departments and operations within an enterprise. • Offline Forms: Off-site users or external parties (customers, vendors, etc.) can complete forms, such as CAPA or a customer complaint, even without being connected to the MasterControl system. They can complete forms offline and then upload. • Process-to-Process Launching: A process can be launched directly from another process, generating a link between the two for easy navigation. The child process is automatically populated with data from the parent process minimizing manual effort and ensuring data accuracy. • Access to Centralized Data: Processes can display and let the user select data from central repositories, whether they are stored in a third party application or administered internally in what is called a "data structure." Common examples are product information from an ERP system or an Equipment Master in a MasterControl data structure. MasterControl data structures are fully configurable and can accommodate anything from a simple picklist to a full-blown table of records. If desired, data can even be changed directly from a Process. Complete: MasterControl offers robust software, plus the appropriate tools and services necessary for successful implementation and validation. • Flexible Platform: Process designers can choose from two design platforms. PDF forms provide straightforward, easy to implement design tools that create document-like forms. Processes designed in HTML can take advantage of powerful application-like functionality, such as expandable fields, a layout that can be dynamically rearranged, and tabs that can arrange data in intuitive ways. • Continuous Validation: For FDA-regulated companies, MasterControl offers a "continuous validation" approach that dramatically cuts the time, pain, and cost involved in validation. MasterControl's continuum of innovative products and services include MasterControl Transfer OQ™. • Product Training: MasterControl's Professional Services team, consisting of former ISO auditors and system administrators, has developed a comprehensive training program that serves as a foundation for successful project implementation and helps companies realize software ROI faster. The team conducts training at MasterControl's state-of-the-art Education Center in Salt Lake City and also at customers' facilities.

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