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Data Sheet 2 MasterControl Nonconformance™ Summary of Features and Benefits: Best Practice Form: A configurable, multipage form simplifies the process and accelerates evaluation and disposition of nonconforming materials by prompting the appropriate departments to collect and track all relevant data. The form is automatically routed to the responsible personnel. Best Practice Process: This solution incorporates a process that will help the quality unit to make timely and appropriate decisions. The process will guide the team from initiation to investigation, recommendation, disposition, and management approval. Event Analyzer Agent: MasterControl provides a robust monitoring tool for detecting trends. This add-on tool will send out real-time alerts when certain thresholds defined by the user are met. It can help identify recurring issues with a particular manufacturing process, piece of equipment, or supplier. It creates a permanent record of tracking and trending activities. EventCard Reports: This add-on allows users to see all quality events at once. No need for a complicated search of separate deviations, customer complaints, or other reports for tracking and trending purposes. EventCard will give you a quick access to quality and risk information, which is crucial during audits and inspections. Scalable Process: This solution can be scaled based on your needs—as a stand- alone, localized disposition of nonconforming materials or you can scale it up to integrate CAPA, training or other processes, even as the initial nonconformance is resolved and closed. Powerful JReport-driven Analytics Tool: MasterControl's highly customizable tool allows users to view, filter, and interact more with their data. Nonconformances can be trended and incidents analyzed by material, shift, machine, supplier, etc. The data-mining capability can give important insight into systemic quality issues and serve as another starting point for CAPA. Poor Tracking: It is time-consuming to physically track paperwork. A manual system makes it almost impossible to identify and avoid bottlenecks. Automatic Tracking: The system tracks all routing information and data entered into the electronic form, allowing the nonconformance owner to identify bottlenecks and understand the sequence of events during processing.

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