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Data Sheet 2 MasterControl Projects™ Summary of Features: MasterControl Projects, a part of the MasterControl integrated quality suite, is a robust application that provides a connected framework for managing a project. MasterControl is 100 percent Web-based so team members can access it from virtually anywhere. Below are some of its powerful features. • Project Template: Most companies carry out similar projects time and again. MasterControl provides the ability to create a preconfigured template for each type of project to help reduce the time involved in starting a project. The template automatically includes basic information about high-level project groupings such as design, development, pilot/test, launch, and manufacturing/deployment, with each grouping depending on the prior one. The template includes document or form-based tasks that are typically required by the project. • Best-Practice Workflow: MasterControl incorporates the different steps of a typical project. Through this workflow, a user can: No Standard Process: Managers without a formal project management tool or process are essentially flying by the seat of their pants. Project results are likely to be inconsistent or ineffective. Meeting deadlines and staying within budget could be major challenges. Standardized Process: MasterControl will standardize project management by providing an effective framework for the process, from project definition to completion. All tasks, schedules, and resources related to a project will be coordinated under a single system, fostering efficiency. Poor Tracking: Tracking tasks manually can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Some tasks are likely to fall through the cracks without a proper tool for monitoring and escalation. Automatic Tracking: MasterControl automates tracking of tasks and monitoring of progress for a more efficient process. Users can create dependencies for a more effective workflow. Poor Turnaround: Every project comes with a target completion date. In projects such as a product launch or a quality audit, timeliness is critical. Managing a project using a manual process entails time- consuming legwork, meetings, and follow-up work that are likely to drag project completion. Fast Turnaround: MasterControl automates scheduling, task assignment, routing, tracking, escalation, and approval, greatly speeding up the process. The system provides project transparency to help avoid bottlenecks. Poor Communication: Each project has multiple stakeholders who need to know the current status of various tasks and/or milestones. Without an enterprise tool, determining status is inefficient and time- consuming. Real-Time Communication: MasterControl provides a central location for task and milestone status that is updated automatically. Stakeholders can easily determine what is on track and what is behind schedule.

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