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Data Sheet 3 MasterControl Projects™ - Define a new project; - Define tasks and group them accordingly; - Define tasks that are dependent on other tasks; - Schedule tasks; - Assign tasks to users; - Assign target date for each task; - Escalate tasks after a period of inaction; - Route the tasks electronically; - Track and monitor tasks electronically; and - Approve and close completed project. • Project Lifecycle Management: A project typically involves several phases: project definition, planning, execution, and completion. MasterControl provides virtual vaults for effective management of the project lifecycle. - Definition and Planning – A new project resides in the draft vault, which allows editing of tasks, schedules, dependencies, etc. - Execution – A project in the execution phase moves to the release vault, where tasks are automatically assigned to the appropriate users as defined by the project. Tasks and milestones can be modified as needed throughout the execution phase. - Completion – When all tasks are completed, the project moves to the archive vault. Completed projects will be available for review as needed. • Project View/Workspace: A user can view a hierarchical tree of tasks and groups of tasks through the workspace. The user can add, delete, and make changes to tasks, dependencies, and target dates. The project view also allows the user to easily determine the current status of tasks and project milestones. • Filtering Capability: A powerful filtering capability allows users to view tasks by categories: tasks on the critical path, overdue tasks, tasks assigned to a specific user, etc. This feature serves as a critical-path planning tool.

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