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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl Equipment Maintenance™ Accurate functioning of automatic, mechanical, or electronic equipment is critical in the manufacturing and analysis of product. The FDA therefore mandates a written program for the routine maintenance and inspection of such equipment as well as the retention of maintenance records. Besides the obvious quality benefits, such a program also helps minimize downtime in manufacturing and laboratory operations. How Can MasterControl Software Solutions Help You? MasterControl Equipment Maintenance manages your maintenance schedule and automatically triggers maintenance tasks before they are due. The solution routes tasks containing specific instructions to the appropriate personnel for completion and review. A complete record, including captured information, is stored for inspection by regulatory agencies or other auditors. Flexible Validation MasterControl considers validation an integral part of software solutions for FDA-regulated customers. For FDA-regulated companies, MasterControl provides several flexible validation offerings and services to meet each company's individual validation and risk requirements. These offerings dramatically cut the time, pain, and cost involved in validation to ensure compliance. Here's how MasterControl addresses some of the major challenges that companies face in administering a maintenance program:

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