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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl Copies™ Regulated companies, like most businesses, try to control their critical documents and avoid the myriad problems associated with rogue copies. Yet, regulated companies, also like most businesses, realistically could not survive without electronic and paper copies. MasterControl Copies enables regulated companies to make these copies but still remain in control, all the while saving time, resources, and money. How Can MasterControl Software Solutions Help You? MasterControl Copies™ combines several beneficial features related to creating multiple copies into a single product. Functional elements of MasterControl Copies™ include Multiple File Copy, Controlled Copies and PDF Binder. Here's how MasterControl addresses the common challenges faced by companies that must balance the need to copy, print and distribute considerable amounts of documentation in a streamlined manner while still remaining in control: Challenges MasterControl Solution Inefficient Copying: Most cloud-based document management systems can only copy one file at a time. When large volumes of files must be copied, this slows down the entire production process. Efficient Copying: By selecting any number of "InfoCards" multiple files can be copied imultaneously from MasterControl's cloud-based system. "Out-of-Control" Copies: Outdated SOPs, incorrect work instructions, lack of audit trails and similar document mismanagement inevitably lead to manufacturing mistakes and production inefficiencies. Controlled Copies: MasterControl users with the appropriate rights can print controlled copies that are uniquely numbered, watermarked and tracked. Owner, location and date information are also recorded in the system, insuring that only the most current documentation is in effect.

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