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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl Exams™ MasterControl Exams™ is a simple, effective way to ensure (and demonstrate to global regulatory bodies) that all employees have the competency to perform their job responsibilities. By eliminating the need to have employee competencies witnessed by a verifier, and by helping employees focus on what they need to learn by providing pre-exams, the application also saves companies time and money. How Can MasterControl Software Solutions Help You? The MasterControl Exams module, an optional upgrade to MasterControl Training, automates administering and grading exams, as well as documenting employee competencies. Challenges MasterControl Solution Disconnected: Without a method for testing employee competencies that's connected electronically with the rest of a company's quality system, companies can spend inordinate amounts of time administering, grading and recording the results of exams, or, alternatively, witnessing and verifying employee competencies. Connected: Because the MasterControl Exams module is connected to MasterControl Training, once an employee completes a training course or receives a new SOP, s/he is immediately notified electronically of the need to take an exam. If an employee takes and fails an exam, s/he can be allowed to retake it. (Exam questions can be randomized so that employees receive different questions.) Inefficient System: With a manual system the process of having to physically update training files can also result in omissions or errors—a significant drawback in a quality system. Efficient System: After an employee takes an online exam, his or her exam is auto-graded and instantaneously recorded. If the employee passes the exam, his or her training file is immediately updated. System Overload: Another drawback to a manual system is that it can easily become overloaded, resulting in some employees inadvertently "slipping through the cracks" and not reading an SOP associated with their job responsibilities. Automatic Tracking: By monitoring the training status of all employees, the MasterControl Exams module ensures that every employee who takes a training course or is affected by a new SOP takes the required exam. Challenges and Solutions

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