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Data Sheet 1 Data Sheet MasterControl Classes™ MasterControl Classes is an add-on to the MasterControl Training™ solution that helps customers manage classes. Customers are able to schedule training resources (trainers, locations, and trainees) by easily creating classes. Administrators can specify the number of slots for various training classes and allow trainees to sign up for them. This helps MasterControl customers easily manage fixed classroom resources, such as the number of trainees that can be concurrently trained in a common training room. With this add-on to the Training module, employees can view and sign up for a class associated with their particular training task. Employees can view when and where a class will be held and how many seats are available for each class. Completion of a class is documented and class status can be viewed through the training file and Analytics reports. The Classes add-on, in conjunction with MasterControl Exams, ensures proper and verifiable documentation of employee training. How Can MasterControl Software Solutions Help You? Challenges MasterControl Solution Inefficient System: The more employees a company has, the harder it is to track, follow-up, and verify their training, especially if they are in different geographic locations. A manual class scheduling system is likely to result in voluminous paperwork, delays, or incomplete training. Efficient System: MasterControl automates the routing, tracking, and follow-up of class scheduling and execution. Users are electronically notified about new classes and training tasks. Upon completion, verifiers are also automatically notified so that they can sign off on the class attendance. Disconnected Processes: Changes made to SOPs and other key documents inevitably require new training courses. If the training process is not connected to change control and other quality processes, class scheduling and participation may fall through the cracks. Connected Processes: MasterControl integrates class scheduling and participation with the rest of the quality system for a holistic approach to management. If there is any change in a document linked to a required course because of a revised SOP, policy, etc., all affected trainees will immediately receive new class assignments and/or training tasks. Challenges and Solutions

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